Bimini Road – Bahamas

 In the early 1900's, famed American psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis would appear in the Bahamas in 1968 or 1969. Curiously, in 1968 pilots photographed from the air structures that looked like buildings, walls and roads under the waters off of Bimini island. Others have claimed to have seen pyramids and stone circles on the sea bed, but the only thing that has been confirmed for sure is what has become to be known as the Bimini Road. ( About 2000 Ft long)

   Skeptics claim that the Bimini road is a natural formation, even though it is a unique one. But there is no denying the strange set of circumstances surrounding it. Cayce's prediction was uncannily accurate. And there is no denying, the "roads" are straight and look man made. Perhaps they are even part of a wall that has fallen or part of a larger buried structure. ..




Andros Island “Temple”


Marble Stones

Marble beams and slabs with the

marble building apex found 7 miles

 north of Bimini.



Fluted columns near Bimini



1969 photo of columns at Bimini by Pino Turolla—note the fluted column

(top center) and other odd-shaped





The Bahama Island Underwater Ruins – Andros Island “Temple”

Ignored by Main-stream Archeology

by R. Cedric Leonard

Back in 1969 I had noticed the mention of the discovery of an ancient submerged "temple" near Andros Island in the Bahamas (Marx & Rebikoff, 1969). The structure measured approximately sixty feet wide and a hundred feet in length. Its stone walls (partly fallen) were roughly three feet thick. We decided to investigate….


Andros Island Sattelite Image


Paradise Point Pier


Column or stone cylinder lying on the top of the Paradise Point Pier breakwater


Discoveries at Bimini

 - Many Photos & Articles…






Raymond Brown



Ancient Pyramid Discovered 14,000 Feet underwater  ( 7 mins)


14,000 feet underwater Dr. Raymond Brown has discovered one of the most important archeological finds in the history of humankind.


Sunken Pyramids Off Florida Coast


There are at least three ancient underwater pyramids off the Atlantic Coast of Florida which few people know exist. Multiple sources of information about the pyramids are available, but for simplicity most of the following information is from Bill Hanson’s book “The Atlantis Triangle.”

Hanson notes that the three pyramids are equally spaced – about 35 miles apart – on the west side of the Gulf Stream. To add to the mystery, three other underwater pyramids have been seen on the east side of the Gulf Stream. Those are 25 to 30 miles apart and located near Walker’s Cay, Great Sale Cay and the Berry Islands of the Bahamas. Typically, the underwater pyramids have been seen after violent storms have temporarily swept away some of the sand covering the ancient structures.












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