“There is a greater destiny in the making: The Dawning of Superconsciousness
— a New Age — and a more evolved human race.”  ~ Ramtha







Expanded Universal Consciousness



Galactic Multidimensional Humans


New Age

The term "New Age" refers to the completely ambiguous time of change from the current age of Pisces into the next age, the Age of Aquarius.

The New Age movement started at least a hundred years ago when Helena Blavatsky mentions that all religions were simultaneously true. According to Blavatsky, humans came from Atlantis over 9000 years ago and that the Age of Aquarius is going to begin any time soon. She also claimed that the Atlanteans were descended from the Lemurians who gave birth to the first humans.

The New Age movement was a revivalist movement that swept through metaphysical New Thought churches and Spiritualist and occult organizations in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result, many people accepted either a metaphysical or Spiritualist perspective, and both communities grew significantly. The New Age idea of replacing the present society with a coming of the golden age of peace and love for the next generation transformed both communities. By the mid-1990s, the idea of a New Age had largely died out but had left the psychic community permanently changed.


Roots of the New Age Movement


A noticeable New Age vision, the triumph of the hopes and ideals to which occultists gave their allegiance, was given a certain limited expression throughout the twentieth century. Often that hope was seen in the arrival of what was termed the Aquarian Age.

In astrology, an "Age" is defined by the location of the sun at the moment of the spring equinox each year. Because of the tilt of the Earth's axis, that sign changes approximately every 2,160 years. Depending upon the astrological system one uses, the sun is making the transition from the sign of Pisces to that of Aquarius sometime in this century

As the New Age movement emerged through the 1970s, it had a social vision that saw the merging of New Age vision to older movements centered upon world peace, environmentalism, and multiethnic cooperation.

Healing became an important metaphor of the New Age and the holistic health perspective provided an alternative program to the common scientific medicine built upon drugs and surgery. It suggested an emphasis upon preventive medicine and the eradication of disease through a natural (and frequently vegetarian) diet, healthful practices (exercise, Hatha Yoga, living in a non-polluted environment), and attention to clearing problems by developing spiritually and cleansing the emotions. The various forms of body work (chiropractic, massage, and related practices) have been immensely popular in New Age circles. - The realization of a spiritual truth. Facilitating the personal transformation were a number of New Age transformative tools: channeling, crystals, divinatory techniques (tarot cards, astrology, etc.) and a whole range of holistic health practices. Responsibility for bringing in the New Age is in the hands of individuals who must take responsibility for their lives and the direction of society.

The understanding grew, that Planet Earth, or Gaia, is a Sentient being, that our Planet has her own “Consciousness”, and that we are “Care-Takers” and Earth-experiencers. We are not to be the “users” and “abusers” of this planet. – That all consciousness is evolving, and we are at the threshold of becoming a “New Human” – a Galactic Multidimensional Being, that we are part of a Galactic and Universal Society… A Human that has an expanded horizon of who they are, way more that we have been told, and that our Personal Power comes from “Direct Source”. That we are Eternal Spirits having a Human experience. And that we all belong to the One Universal Consciousness. That we are to be re-connected to our true 12 stranded DNA, our True Nature.

New Ageaers are bonded by their experience of inner transformation and their common work for the coming transformed society. Through the next decades channeling became a well-known phenomenon, the use of crystals and that the heart of the movement had always been the personal transformations experienced by individuals and the spiritual perspective on life it gave to people. There is a social vision of Peace and Love, and the people have a postmillennial outlook where each person is expected to create their own heaven on earth by personal spiritual transformation.






New Age

ame: The New Age Movement can be described as a Westernized form of Eastern religions' beliefs combined with occultic practices, self-help, holistic medicines, and forms of astrology. The New Age Movement is not a single organization. The term "New Age Movement" refers to a large number of autonomous groups and individuals. There are hundreds of groups and religious leaders in North America that could be described as New Age.

Nature: The New Age Movement desires a change in society's collective consciousness. The term "new" does not refer to time but to its differences from traditional Western beliefs. New Age beliefs have been held by Eastern religions for thousands of years. The New Age Movement does not approach spirituality from a Christian perspective. Not every New Age group admits that its beliefs and practices are religious. Many depict their tenets as secular, scientific, or self-help philosophies.

Date of Beginning: The New Thought Movement, Spiritualism, and the Theosophical Society first introduced New Age beliefs and practices to America in the 1800s. These ideologies gained popularity during the counterculture of the mid-sixties and early seventies.

Headquarters: The New Age Movement has no central headquarters or leadership. The movement is an informal alliance of individuals, groups, and businesses.

Adherents: It is impossible to determine the number of people involved in the New Age Movement. There are hundreds of New Age groups and spokespersons. However, most of these organizations do not have formal memberships. Many who espouse New Age beliefs do not identify with a specific group. Religious surveys indicate that 20 percent of Americans accept at least some New Age beliefs but most do not consider themselves New Agers.

Assumptions: The New Age Movement contains great diversity. However, the following ideas characterize most New Agers. (1) Pantheism-God (god/goddess) is All and All is God (god/goddess). (2) Monism-All is One. (3) Reincarnation-After you die you will be reborn as a baby and live another life. (4) You are God, and must discover your divinity. (5) Good and evil do not exist, therefore, there are no absolutes in morality. (6) Separate the historical person of Jesus from the Christ Spirit. (7) A New Age of enlightenment and transformation is coming.

New Age groups and practices rarely identify themselves as New Age. Their beliefs and occult practices identify them. This Belief Bulletin examines these New Age beliefs and offers a Biblical response.


 - People Are Divine
Many New Agers teach that our sensation of existing as finite creatures is an illusion. Humanity has forgotten that it is divine. As a result, people need to become enlightened about their true divinity in order to experientially become one with the All.

A New Age of Enlightenment and Transformation Is Coming
New Agers believe the universe is evolving. Our world is about to undergo a transformation to a higher level. This change will be brought about by a shift in human consciousness toward New Age paradigms.





A new ' Hue'man/Humane Race'  -

the Galactic 'Man'




Preparing for Galactic-Human Form - by the Pleiadians








Universal Link -Flickering Lights!









The Search for Internet Intelligence ?

Intelligence has many elements, including memory and anticipation. There is already anticipation and memory programmed into the net. Google anticipates your search terms even as you type them, and the cloud is heavy with remembered data. Our initial search for intelligence seeks something more, something emergent that represents a form of selfhood. Perhaps we should seeking thoughts. The truth is we don't know what we are looking for at the moment. Here are some patterns that would be very provocative to find in a global system:

• Collective thoughts
• Global superorganism
• Global consciousness
• Internet consciousness
• Super intelligence
• Non-human intelligence
• Non-human consciousness
• Artificial intelligence








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The New Age Dictionary
A Brief Dictionary of New Age Terminology













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