The Origin of Thoughts





The Origin of Thoughts

“We are going to speak about something which is very dear to us, the power of your thought, the power of your mind.

Where does this power come from? Did you ever ask yourself where thought is coming from, who creates thought, why some thoughts are so wonderful and why some others, as you say on earth, are ‘twisted' or devolutional?

The energy of creative thought comes from Divine Consciousness. The latter takes its way toward the spiritual consciousness or the soul. Depending on the evolution of the soul, it may acquire a creative strength, or it may get transformed, i.e. instead of reaching the human consciousness holding the sense of creative thought, it weakens because fears, doubts and worries pollute it. A pure, powerful, luminous thought emanating from divine consciousness can terribly weaken and deteriorate when it reaches human consciousness.

How to maintain the Purity and the Power of The Thought Emanating from Divine Consciousness?

Visualize the course of your thought. Imagine or visualize this thought like a Ray of Light with an extraordinary power emanating from you inner Divinity. Try to follow this Ray of Light when it enters the other part of yourself which is your soul. What will this ray encounter in your soul? It will encounter all your past, whether it is the present one in this third dimension or a thousand and one from other existences. It will also encounter pains not yet cleared.

This ray, wonderfully pure, will start to get spoiled by everything which is lodged in your soul and has not been cleared. This ray of Light is fed constantly by your own Source, and if your soul is strong it may be able to evacuate very easily any thoughts of limitation or fear, and then this ray of Light will reach human consciousness.

From that point, what will emanate from human consciousness? Nothing but constructive thoughts, thoughts of generosity, thoughts of trust and thoughts of Love will emanate, and at that very moment a totally positive and trusty world will be created.

Thus your thought will have traveled quite some path before it can express itself in matter, before it can be born from your human consciousness. Follow carefully the course of this thought, and you will realize how much more difficult than you suppose it is for this thought – this gigantic force emanating from your I AM – to reach with the same strength after having gone through the other parts of who you are, i.e. the soul which is necessary for one's existence, and the human consciousness.

Always give birth to uplifting thoughts. You too often fill your thoughts with your fears, your doubts and your limitations. Deny this creative force to be filled with anything not noble, anything not pure, and anything which is not Love. In this way, you will learn how to create continuously your future, you will learn how to create perfect health within you, and you will learn how to recreate whatever is not harmonious within you.

Whoever you are derives from what the original thought was loaded with, this power emanating from the Divine Self. You should also understand that your vehicle of manifestation is really a vehicle being controlled by a ‘driver' who is your soul. This ‘driver' receives guidelines from your mind, from your I AM. For this vehicle to work perfectly there must be unity, symbiosis between the three parts of yourself which are your I AM, your soul and your humanity.

If you don't make unity within the trinity of who you are, then several things happen: sometimes your vehicle works fine because it listen a little to the guidelines of your soul, but sometimes it acts on its own, it goes anywhere bumping into every obstacle because it wants to be the only master onboard.

Your vehicle is absolutely not the only master onboard. In order to work, it needs a driver, a presence who can guide it through the maze of life; the Divine is what gives the energy of the soul and the guidelines.

Impregnate yourself with that. This may look simple or obvious for you, yet it is very important because it will help you understand much better the way you function.

We will often talk about the power of creative thought because you will address, in a relatively short time, a new world where thought will have all its strength, because the vehicle of manifestation which belongs to the third dimension will be transformed and will become much more aware of its divinity. It will be much more connected to the soul and the I AM.

All your thoughts will have a greater impact on your life and on your health as well. At this level, it is necessary that you always consciously say: ‘I have a perfect health since my I AM gives an energy of perfect health to my soul who returns it to my body, be it physical or morale health. '

When you can understand, you will have less and less moments of heaviness or sadness, because many things will be enlightened within you. Your inner Light will illuminate you.

Dear children of Earth, you have to understand that tomorrow will not at all look like today. Tomorrow life will be different, it will have another reality, and you will have a different consciousness. This reality will be much more ‘real'; this word may not be quite appropriate but you have to understand that tomorrow's reality will be the true reality.

Today's reality is a reality veiled under a thousand and one layers. These layers have been created by the energies emanating from successive humanities.”

By Monique Mathieu's -







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… So if you say information (thoughts) has been proven to be non-physical (I'm glad it has), then just where does creative thought emanate? I would love science to find out!

… but the process of thought can be slowed down to such an extent that you can dissect the parts and discern what is physical and what is non-physical.

… the question would be: What does thought emanate from?

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