~ “Consciousnes  'is ' the Technology” - Chris Griscom ~












The earliest English language uses of "conscious" and "consciousness" date back, however, to the 1500s. The English word "conscious" originally derived from the Latin conscius (con- "together" + scire "to know"), but the Latin word did not have the same meaning as our word—it meant knowing with, in other words having joint or common knowledge with another. There were, however, many occurrences in Latin writings of the phrase conscius sibi, which translates literally as "knowing with oneself", or in other words sharing knowledge with oneself about something.


Consciousness is a term that refers to the relationship between the mind and the world with which it interacts. It has been defined as: subjectivity, awareness, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind. Despite the difficulty in definition, many philosophers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness is. As Max Velmans and Susan Schneider wrote in The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness: "Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives."


Philosophers since the time of Descartes and Locke have struggled to comprehend the nature of consciousness and pin down its essential properties. Issues of concern in the philosophy of consciousness include whether the concept is fundamentally valid; whether consciousness can ever be explained mechanistically; whether non-human consciousness exists and if so how it can be recognized; how consciousness relates to language; and whether it may ever be possible for computers or robots to be conscious. Perhaps the thorniest issue is whether consciousness can be understood in a way that does not require a dualistic distinction between mental and physical states or properties.


In recent years, consciousness has become a significant topic of research in psychology and neuroscience. The primary focus is on understanding what it means biologically and psychologically for information to be present in consciousness—that is, on determining the neural and psychological correlates of consciousness. The majority of experimental studies assess consciousness by asking human subjects for a verbal report of their experiences (e.g., "tell me if you notice anything when I do this"). Issues of interest include phenomena such as subliminal perception, blindsight, denial of impairment, and altered states of consciousness produced by psychoactive drugs or spiritual or meditative techniques.


The mystical psychiatrist Richard Maurice Bucke distinguished between three types of consciousness: Simple Consciousness, awareness of the body, possessed by many animals; Self Consciousness, awareness of being aware, possessed only by humans; and Cosmic Consciousness, awareness of the life and order of the universe, possessed only by humans who are enlightened.[59] Many more examples could be given











Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something. In biological psychology, awareness is defined as a human's or an animal's perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event.




Popular ideas about consciousness suggest the phenomenon describes a condition of being aware of one's awareness or, self-awareness. Efforts to describe consciousness in neurological terms have focused on describing networks in the brain that develop awareness of the qualia developed by other networks










Edgar Cayce on Consciousness - Article

 By The Research of John Van Auken



Edgar Cayce on Consciousness (pt 1 of 3)  ( 8:05  mins)

Computer rendered voice reading of above article


Edgar Cayce on Consciousness (pt 2 of 3) ( 8:15 mins)


Edgar Cayce on Consciousness (pt 3 of 3) ( 8:05  mins)










Conscious Life in the Third Dimension – by Suzan Caroll


  • What does it mean to be "conscious" in the physical plane?

  • Does it simply mean to be alive or does it mean to also be aware?

  • And, what are we aware of?

  • How do we choose which of a myriad of perceptions to "consciously" attend to?


Our physical life is not just what we hold in our daily conscious mind, it is also the ability to be "conscious" of what we try to hide deep inside ourselves. Some of what we try to hide is memories stored in our unconscious mind and some of our hidden life is stored in our superconscious mind. To be truly "conscious" in our mundane life we must also be aware of these other, hidden, portions of our total consciousness. Otherwise, we will not have access to all of our choices of perception.>>> 






Through all time, seekers and mystics have asked this question: "What is the Superconscious?" For the purpose of this section, the Superconscious will be defined as our total consciousness that is aware of, and has mastery over, ALL the segments of our Being. In other words, the Superconscious is the SELF that encompasses all of our "selves".


In the Unconscious Section, we explored the unconscious archives of our suppressed and forgotten past to enable us to better understand and heal old patterns of fear and limitation. In the Conscious Section, we explored how to calibrate our consciousness in order to create a reality that resonates to the highest "self" that we can be within our earthly life. In the Superconscious Section, we shall explore ways to download our higher dimensional awareness and realities into our conscious, everyday life. If we can do that, then we can become our SELF--our true Multidimensional SELF--while holding our earthly form.






In search of the recognition of our Superconscious SELF, we now climb the seven steps to the Violet Doorways. We have journeyed into our Unconscious to awaken Kundalini and invite Her to begin Her journey to join Her Divine Complement in our Crown chakra (see Unconscious Section). In the Unconscious Section we examined our first, second, and third chakras for opening, exploration and healing. In the Conscious Section we invited Kundalini into our fourth, fifth and six chakras for further opening, exploration and healing. Now, as we invite Kundalini into our seventh chakra, our Crown Chakra, She will initiate the recognition of our latent multidimensional SELF.


From this multidimensional perspective we are aware that we have many bodies. Therefore, we can perceive our physical body as our EARTH VESSEL. This beautiful Vessel can ground our superconscious self into Gaia--the Unity Conscious of planet Earth. This grounding will assist Gaia in Her process of returning planet Earth to Her former glory. It will also align our many dimensional bodies so that we can better create the reality that we KNOW we deserve.





John Hagelin, Ph.D










John Hagelin, Ph.D. – On the Science of Consciousness


He is a world-renowned Quantum Physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace. - He has continued Albert Einstiens noble endeavor to further explore the very nature of existence by continuing attempt to formulate the "Unified Field Theory," also known as the "Theory of Everything." Or on “Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory”.


Dr. Hagelin has conducted pioneering research at CERN (the European Center for Particle Physics) and SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). Author of more than 70 papers published in journals such as Physics Letters, Nuclear Physics, and the Physical Review, his scientific contributions in the fields of electroweak unification, grand unification, supersymmetry, and cosmology include some of the most cited references in the physical sciences. He is responsible for the development of a highly successful grand unified field theory based on the superstring—a theory that was featured in a cover story of Discover magazine.


He is the Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management


John Hagelin, Ph.D on Consciousness 1 of 2  ( 10 mins)

John Hagelin, Ph.D ON Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory, How is knowledge lost and The Observer


John Hagelin, Ph.D on Consciousness 2 of 2 ( 7 mins)




Dr John Hagelin Pt 1 of 6 ( 9: 44 mins)

Dr John Hagelin The Core Of Nature Interview by Iain McNay – Concious TV


Dr John Hagelin Pt 2 of 6  ( 9:44 mins)


Dr John Hagelin Pt 3 of 6  ( 9:59 mins)


Dr John Hagelin Pt 4 of 6  ( 9:29  mins)


Dr John Hagelin Pt 5 of 6  ( 5:15 mins)


Dr John Hagelin Pt 6 of 6  ( 6 mins)



 Dr. John Hagelin: Look Within to Understand the Universe-P1/2  ( 15:32 mins)

Science & Spirituality Dr. John Hagelin:Look Within to Understand the Universe - P1/2. Episode: 1446, Air Date: 30 August 2010.



Dr. John Hagelin: Look Within to Understand the Universe (2/2)  ( 13:50 mins)

Aired on 27 Sep 2010
An interview with Dr John Hagelin, who has continued Albert Einstiens noble endeavor to further explore the very nature of existence

 by continuing attempt to formulate the "Unified Field Theory," also known as the "Theory of Everything."










An introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique by Dr John Hagelin ( 1 mins)



A scientific introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM) by Dr John Hagelin ( 23 mins)

Dr John Hagelin describes the Transcendental Meditation technique in scientific terms.

Hello, I'm John Hagelin, quantum physicist and teach of the Transcendental Meditation program. Welcome to this introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation.

What is Transcendental Meditation? Is it a way to relax? Is it a technique to promote health, vitality, and longevity? Is it a means to develop creativity, IQ, and peak mental performance? Or is it a past to inner peace? Enlightenment? As we will see it is all these things and more.

To understand Transcendental Meditation and consciousness we need to understand a little bit about the physical universe. Modern science, over the past 50 years, has probed deeper levels of physical reality. Modern science has explored more fundamental levels of natures functioning. From the superficial level of macroscopic physics, the sensory objects around us, to the world of the molecule, atom, nucleus and sub-nuclear levels of natures functioning as shown in this chart.

This chart reveals the hierarchical structure of the laws of nature. From superficial diversity to fundamental unity shown at the foundation of this chart. As modern physics probes deeper levels of natures functioning it is revealed that more fundamental levels of nature are progressively more unified. The 4 forces of nature deep within the atomic nucleus become 3, and 2, and ultimately 1 unified field of all the laws of nature.










Foundation of Physics and Consciousness

John Hagelin, Ph.D.,









The Library of Transhuman Cosmic Conscious Evolution ?





Antonio Damasio - Professor





Antonio Damasio: Art and the Conscious Brain





Antonio Damasio: The Quest to Understand Consciousness – TED Talks ( 18 mins)


Every morning we wake up and regain consciousness -- that is a marvelous fact -- but what exactly is it that we regain? Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio uses this simple question to give us a glimpse into how our brains create our sense of self.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the "Sixth Sense" wearable tech, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on http://www.ted.com




Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Humans have long struggled to explain the trait that makes us human: self awareness. Ancient Greeks and Christian theologians posited a soul separate from a body. A long line of philosophers have argued that we’re defined by our thinking human minds, distinct and higher than our physical selves. Scientists today see evidence of something like minds and cultures in social animals, but they still seek to explain why human consciousness rises to become knowledge of a self, why we have been able to create such complex identities and cultures. How did we come to be our selves? Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, director of the USC Brain and Creativity Institute and author of Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain, visits Zócalo to argue against the long-standing idea that consciousness is somehow separate from the body, presenting compelling new scientific evidence that consciousness is in fact a biological process created by living organisms.


What role do Emotions Play in Consciousness? ( 6 mins)

Dr. Antonio Damasio on Self Comes to Mind - Number Six in a Series




Stuart Hameroff MD. – Director










University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Stuart Hameroff MD. –Director


The study of human consciousness is one of science's last great frontiers. After being neglected for many years (i.e. during a period of dominance by behaviorism in psychology), interest in the science of consciousness exploded in the last decades, with much progress in neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and other areas. The University of Arizona has been at the center of these developments. The 1994 Tucson conference on "Toward a Science of Consciousness" is widely regarded as a landmark event, and the subsequent series of biennial conferences in Tucson have attracted extraordinary interest.


The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona was formed in 1998 with a seed grant from the Fetzer Institute. The Center is a unique institution whose aim is to bring together the perspectives of philosophy, the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, the social sciences, medicine, and the physical sciences, the arts and humanities, to move toward an integrated understanding of human consciousness. The Center is unique in its broad spectrum approach. Other groups tend focus either on cognitive neuroscience, philosophy or purely phenomenal experiential approaches, whereas the Center not only integrates these areas, but "thinks outside the box" of conventional wisdom which has thus far, at least, failed to make significant breakthroughs. The Center has also inspired other groups such as the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness and those who organize other conferences.


The 10th Biennial April 9-14, 2012 

Toward A Science of Consciousness Conference 2012  ( 22 mins)




Angelika Whitecliff




The Creative Spiral  - Creatrix




Supra-Consciousness: Human Transformation, Earth Changes & the New World - Exopolitics 2008 ( 1 Hr: 35 mins)


Presentation by Angelika Whitecliff at the Earth Transformation - New Science, Consciousness & Contact - Conference, Hawaii, May 16, 2008 [90 mins]. From the difference between the consciousness of ETs & yogis to the coming 'supra-consciousness' which unites all and transcends human cycles, find out why the Earth is unique in the universe and the goal of human evolution from now to the birth of the coming 'Supra-human' being. For Angelika's latest articles, visit:










How to Access Superconsciousness 1 of 5  ( 10 mins)



How to Access Superconsciousness 2 of 5  ( 10 mins)


How to Access Superconsciousness 3  of 5  ( 10 mins)


How to Access Superconsciousness 4 of 5  ( 10 mins)


How to Access Superconsciousness 5 of 5  ( 10 mins)



Music to Awaken Superconsciousness
Experience Inner Peace, Intuitive Guidance, and Higher Awareness
Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)






Peter Russell








The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell - Full Version  ( 1 Hr: mins)


Peter Russell explores the problems science has explaining consciousness and proposes that consciousness is not created by the brain, but is inherent in all beings. He shows why mind is more fundamental than matter, and the the key to this shift is the revolution in our understanding of the light.


The fundamental nature of reality is actually consciousness. In his documentary Peter Russell explores the reasons why consciousness may be the fundamental essence of the Universe. Many have made such claims from metaphysical perspectives, but the possibility has always been ignored by the scientific community. In this talk, he discusses the problems the materialist scientific world view has with consciousness and proposes an alternative world view which, rather than contradicting science, makes new sense of much of modern physics. He presents a reasoned argument that shows how they are pointing towards the one thing science has always avoided considering – the primary nature of consciousness.


This documentary basically seeks answers for these questions: What is consciousness? How could consciousness arise from matter? Paradigm shifts in science. The materialist meta paradigm. A new meta paradigm. Consciousness is in everything. Everything is in consciousness. Matter is a mental construct. Relativity and light’s point of view. Light lies beyond space, time and matter. Photons and the quantum of action. Parallels between light and consciousness. Consciousness as the fundamental reality. The mystical experience of consciousness. Who am I? What is the self? The meeting of science and spirit.





FROM SCIENCE TO GOD: A Physicist's Journey Into the Mystery of ConsciousnessT

HE CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION: A Dialogue with Ervin Laszlo and Stan Grof

WAKING UP IN TIME: Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accelerating Change

THE GLOBAL BRAIN: The Awakening Earth for a New Millennium.

THE CREATIVE MANAGER: Finding Inner Wisdom in Uncertain Times

THE BRAIN BOOK: A Users Handbook

THE TM TECHNIQUE: A Skeptics Guide

THE UPANISHADS: A New Translation with Alistair Shearer



World Counting Clocks

 - World Population, many more clocks…




Daniel Dennett











Daniel Clement Dennett


Daniel Dennett ( born March 28, 1942) is an American philosopher, writer and cognitive scientist whose research centers on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and philosophy of biology, particularly as those fields relate to evolutionary biology and cognitive science. He is currently the Co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies, the Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, and a University Professor at Tufts University. Dennett is a firm atheist and secularist, a member of the Secular Coalition for America advisory board, as well as an outspoken supporter of the Brights movement. Dennett is referred to as one of the "Four Horsemen of New Atheism," along with Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens.


The Magic of Consciousness (  58  mins)


Daniel Dennett - The Magic of Consciousness  -Daniel Dennett is Fletcher Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University.

Here Professor Dennett lectures on the philosophical obstacles to understanding consciousness. This lecture includes topics covered in detail in his wonderful books "Consciousness Explained" and "Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness".



Dan Dennett on our consciousness on TED ( 22 mins)


Philosopher Dan Dennett makes a compelling argument that not only don't we understand our own consciousness, but that half the time our brains are actively fooling us.

Philosopher and scientist Dan Dennett argues that human consciousness and free will are the result of physical processes and are not what we traditionally think they are. His 2003 book Freedom Evolves explores the way our brains have evolved to give us -- and only us -- the kind of freedom that matters, while 2006's Breaking the Spell examines religious belief through the lens of biology.



Consciousness Explained


Consciousness Explained is a 1991 book by the American philosopher Daniel Dennett which offers an account of how consciousness arises from interaction of physical and cognitive processes in the brain.



Deepak Chopra







Deepak Chopra: The Mystery of Consciousness ( 1 Hr : 14 mins)


Deepak Chopra's Lecture on The Mystery of Consciousness. Video produced by Alan Steinfeld and http://www.NewRealities.com

This is Deepak's opening lecture to his Seduction of Spirit retreat. One of the Chopra Center programs http://www.chopra.com   where in 5 days participants learn the secrets of meditation, unlock the stillness that rests within your soul, and connect to their inner essence.-   Deepak's new book is called The Ultimate Happiness Prescription. 



Deepak Chopra, MD: The Definition and Source of Consciousness ( 4 mins)

IIn the first segment, Deepak explores the definition and source of consciousness. He discusses perception, the brain and how they relate to consciousness in a scientific yet humorous way.


Quantum Physics and Consciousness ( 4 mins)

Deepak Chopra discusses the connection of quantum mechanics and consciousness.



Noetic Sciences




Book by Willis Harman :

“Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century” (noetic)


Edgar Mitchell - Apollo 14 Astronaut, Founder










Noetic Sciences ( Ex Astronaut E. Mitchell is Co- founders)



For tons of info on the scientific side of this, visit:





Cassandra Vieten on Noetic Sciences ( 6 mins)

Cassandra Vieten, PhD, in an interview with Michael Mendizza at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit in Washington, DC, in October 2010. Dr. Vieten is the director of research for the Institute of Noetic Sciences



Noetic Sciences - Marilyn Schlitz, PhD ( 36 mins)



Consciousness Matters~Institute of Noetic Sciences ( 7 mins)



Keep Going! - Interview to Dr. Edgard Mitchell - IONS TORINO ( 15 mins)


Traveling back to Earth, having just walked on the moon, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell had an experience for which nothing in his life had prepared him. As he approached the planet we know as home, he was filled with an inner conviction as certain as any mathematical equation he'd ever solved. He knew that the beautiful blue world to which he was returning is part of a living system, harmonious and whole—and that we all participate, as he expressed it later, "in a universe of consciousness."


This experience radically altered his worldview: Despite science's superb technological achievements, he realized that we had barely begun to probe the deepest mystery of the universe—the fact of consciousness itself. He became convinced that the uncharted territory of the human mind was the next frontier to explore, and that it contained possibilities we had hardly begun to imagine. Within two years of his expedition, Edgar Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973.


Today, Dr. Mitchell serves on the board of directors of the institute. He continues to be active at institute events, including lectures and conferences. He is the author of "The Way of the Explorer", translated in several languages all around the world.

This interview made on last December 2010 repres

ents a testimonial of this extraordinary man!

  - Quantum Resonance ?>?





Dr. Edgar Mitchell




Mindshift Institute Interviews Dr. Edgar Mitchell   ( 33 mins) !!!!!!!!!!!!


In this exclusive interview, renowned scientist Dr. Edgar Mitchell , an Apollo 14 astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the moon, introduces all of us to his profound discoveries concerning quantum science and the newly discovered quantum hologram. Dr. Mitchell shows clearly how this new knowledge can help us better understand a wide range of anomalous phenomena (e.g., ESP, telepathy and psychokinesis), perception and even consciousness itself.









Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut 



The Quantum Hologram & ESP - Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut 

( 1 Hr: 03  mins)


Apollo 14 Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell presents an elegant scientific explanation for psychic phenomenon - The Quantum Hologram. Based on the latest research in quantum physics, this program brings to the general public information previously known by only a few research scientists in the world.

Learn the details of a secret psychic experiment conducted by Mitchell on the Moon during his mission on Apollo 14. Watch as he candidly describes a personal experience of psychic and spiritual transformation that was triggered by his Moon landing aboard Apollo 14 and which led to the discoveries presented in this program.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell became the sixth man to walk on the moon and later founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences, an organization dedicated to finding scientific answers to many of humanities great mysteries such as psychic phenomenon.











QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS - The Guide to Experiencing Quantum Psychology  - By Stephen Wolinsky, PhD

Now from the author of Trances People Live: Healing Approaches in Quantum Psychology comes a step-by-step guide to experiencing the underlying unity that is Quantum Consciousness. Dr. Stephen Wolinsky offers over eighty exercises to explore and experience the quantum approach to problem resolution. Designed to be done alone, in pairs, or in a group setting, this adventure takes us into a new frontier and pushes the envelope of even the most far reaching current psychological thought.





Quantum Consciousness & Quantum Thoughts


Quantum Consciousness  ( 5 mins)


Dr. Stuart Hameroff & Sir Roger Penrose


An adventure into the mysteries of Consciousness through Quantum Mechanics to discover the secrets it contains.










Quantum Physics and Vedic Unified Consciousness


Today, science and religion say that a single entity or force created the universe and is omnipresent, maintaining and governing the fundamental machinery of everything in this and other universes. In Hinduism, Brahman is the one supreme, universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the universe.  The very first book of Hindus named Rig Veda proclaims, “Ekam Sat, Viprah Bahudha Vadanti,” which means “there is only one truth, only men describe it in different ways.”  Recent scientific discoveries validate the concept of Brahman, the ultimate reality for the Hindus.

Physicists and cosmologists call this divine source the Unified Field. In a profound sense, Brahman (the Vedantic concept) and the Unified Field of physics appear to be synonymous. Vedanta is a word used in Hindu philosophy as a synonym for that part of the Veda texts known also as the Upanishads.  Vedanta philosophy has two main concepts. The first is the human’s real nature is divine and the second concept is that the aim of human life is to realize this divinity.

In the Vedic language God and the realized individuals are  described as “anor aniyan mahato mahiyan” (Katha Upanisad 1-2-20), meaning “God is smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest.” This means that whether something is extremely large or infinitesimal, it is still made of the same divine source.  God is present everywhere and in everyone.


Paradigm Shift

Quantum physicists, neuroscientists, psychologists and mystics have evolved to the point where a significant paradigm shift is happening as predicted by Dr Amit Goswami, endowed with a Rishis insight: “While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness…”  Goswami is convinced that the universe, in order to exist, requires a conscious sentient being to be aware of it.

The universe is and can be viewed as symbiotically and totally unbroken, interconnected, highly networked, integrated, and harmonized.  The entire universe is contained holographically in each of its parts, unifying matter, energy and consciousness by systems, subsystems and sub, sub, systems at macro and at micro levels through nonlocal, local, vacuum energy, strings and other entities yet to be understood or to be established.

The consciousness that comprises the universe can be tapped into by practicing the yogic art of laser focusing of the mind through Gayatri Mantra, leading to downloading of the contents of transcendent domains through tuned resonant circuits by kindling one’s mind there while tending towards Brahmatejas (the effulgence of Brahman),




David Lynch




David Lynch: Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain  (  Hr: 49 mins )


The inside story on transcending the brain, with David Lynch, Award-winning film director of Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mullholland Drive, Inland Empire (filming); John Hagelin, Ph.D., Quantum physicist featured in "What the bleep do we know?;" and Fred Travis, Ph.D., Director, Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition Maharishi University of Management. [events] [artshumanities] Credits: producers:UC Berkeley Educational Technology Services, speaker:David Lynch, speaker:John Hagelin, Ph.D., speaker:Fred Travis, Ph.D.




Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)


David Lynch explains his understanding about consciousness, creativity and the brain. He says that Transcendental Meditation played crucial role in developing his consciousness and boosting his creativity.





Bill Moyers






Healing and the Mind with Bill Moyers 1 - The Mystery of Chi - Part 1 OF 6 >

 - A “Chinese Master” using “his Energy and his Mind” to beat a Contender









The Brain: The Mystery of Consciousness










Reality Sandwich N.A. Evolving Consciousness, Environment, etc…


Never before has a time in history been so significant to so many cultures, religions, scientists and governments. Beyond 2012 looks past the apocalyptic world view of 2012 and presents a wide variety of evolving perspectives on the next age of global consciousness and techniques for social and ecological transformation. Topics include Shamanism, Sustainability, Ecological Design, Green Technologies, Alternative Energy Systems, the Mayan Calendar, Psychic Evolution, Synchronicity, and a host of other subjects that deal with the mysteries, wonders and challenges facing all of humankind during this unprecedented age of transformation.









SuccessConsciousness – Link


  • Reality Versus Imagination and Illusion

  • Mind and thoughts create the world

  • Waking up from illusion










Ten Principles of Consciously Creating – Kirael

by Kahu Fred Sterling


The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are powerful tools of awakening. When studied and practiced, they allow you to create the life experience you desire. Whether you're healing a physical condition or looking for that perfect relationship, the Ten Principles can show you the way. These deceptively simple principles can help you run a business, find a new home, awaken your psychic abilities, or dramatically change your financial situation.


The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are evolutionary. There is no end to the gifts they offer. No matter what level of success you attain, the Principles are always there, waiting to take you to another level.


The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are a way of life. Here they are in their simplicity:


  1. Truth

  2. Trust

  3. Passion

  4. Clarity

  5. Communication

  6. Completion

  7. Prayer

  8. Meditation

  9. Sleepstate Programming

  10. Masterminding










How to Access Superconsciousness - full HD ( 1 Hr :56  mins)


The best video about meditation, spirit, and astral travel.












Consciousness Drives the Universe ( 10 mins)  !!!!


Outstanding video which depicts that consciousness is what drives and shapes everything. This means ultimately everything in the universe and that even matter is consciousness in the most subtlest and dense form.

This video has Grant Morrisson, David Lynch, David Icke, Gregg Braden, Michael Talbot, David Wilcock, Wayne Dyer, Neil Kramer and Bill Hicks in it.



~ There is no matter as such.  -

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force

which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.  - We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

~  Max Planck












  Conscious Evolution 








Any Society that has lost a positive image of its Future, will perish.”


“We are beings who are becoming ‘Conscious of Consciousness’ ”

– Barbara Marx Hubbard





Sri Aurobindo









Sri Aurobindo - Evolutionary Philosophy

Sri Aurobindo (15 August 1872 – 5 December 1950), was an Indian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher, yogi, guru, and poet. He joined the Indian movement for freedom from British rule and for a duration became one of its most important leaders, before developing his own vision of human progress and spiritual evolution. He was also one of the famous Radical leaders of India during the Indian National Movement.

The central theme of Aurobindo's vision was the evolution of human life into life divine. He wrote: "Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of nature's process." Thus, Aurobindo created a dialectic mode of salvation not only for the individual but for all mankind.

Evolutionary Philosophy

Sri Aurobindo argues that humankind is not the last rung in the evolutionary scale, but can evolve spiritually beyond its current limitations to a state of spiritual and supramental existence. This evolutionary existence he called a "Divine life on Earth", characterized by a spiritualized, supramental, truth-consciousness-oriented humanity…






Sri Aurobindo - His Writings - 37 volumes - PDF Downloads


In 1997, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram began to publish the Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo in a uniform library edition. Twenty-eight volumes have been issued thus far; the remaining ones will come out over the next few years. Upon completion, there will be 37 volumes (originally 35 volumes were planned). The Complete Works will contain all the writings published earlier in the 30-volume Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library, as well as around 4000 pages of new texts.

Each published volume can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format.




Mirra Alfassa – The Mother… >>





“ I belong to no Nation, etc… but to the Divine…"


The Mother - Mira Alfassa:

"Supermind and the transformation of consciousness - Both, Sri Aurobindo

and the The Mother believe that evolution is a process of the manifestation

 of higher levels of consciousness upon earth. The highest consciousness is called: Supermind and they worked to bring it down for a transformation of the earth. "


Love is a mighty vibration coming straight from the One. And only the very pure and very strong are capable of receiving and manifesting it.”


“Do not pretend - be. Do not promise - act. Do not dream - realize.”







Thomas W. Campbell

- Physicist








My Big Foot - MyBig Picture Theory Of Everything - A Triology



Awakening - Discovery &

Inner Workings







Thomas W. Campbell - A "Spiritual  Physicist"


Thomas Warren Campbell, Jr. (born December 9, 1944), is a physicist, and the author of the book trilogy My Big TOE. (TOE is an acronym for Theory of Everything).


Campbell is a professional physicist with expertise in large-system simulations, technology development and integration, and complex system vulnerability and risk analysis, working mostly in the context of US missile defense systems, including working with the Space and Missile Defense Command, the Missile Defense Agency and NASA.


Tom is the "TC (physicist)" described in Bob Monroe's second book Far Journeys and has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena since the early 1970s. My Big TOE is a model of existence and reality that is based directly on Campbell's scientific research and first hand experience. It represents the results and conclusions of thirty years of careful scientific exploration of the boundaries and contents of reality from both the physical and metaphysical viewpoints.


Campbell was the keynote speaker at The Monroe Institute’s 22nd professional seminar, held March 20–24, 2010, where he had previously been a member of the board of directors. The Monroe Institute credits Campbell as being the "TC (physicist)" described in Robert Monroe's second book Far Journeys.




YT Channel Playlist >>>







The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & Evolution with Tom Campbell - Part 1 of 3  (  1 Hr: 02 mins)



In this part 1 of 3, Tom talks about and/or explains the following topics:

  • - transcendental meditation
    - out of body experiences
    - what is reality
    - parallel processing
    - knowing vs experiencing
    - the limitation of words to describe experiences
    - the non-objective nature of our reality
    - double slit experiment
    - the probabilistic nature of reality
    - the origin of the Big Bang
    - the limitations of Albert Einstein's work
    - the definition of consciousness
    - connection of reality to consciousness
    - the nature of reality as virtual
    - placebo effect and mind healing
    - is it possible to be an objective human being
    - the uncertainty of our reality
    - the subjective nature of our reality
    - the rule set of reality
    - the consistency of reality
    - the power of intent
    - the role of fear and ego in creating our reality
    - tips for creating an optimal reality



The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & Evolution with Tom Campbell - Pt 2 of 3

( 57 mins)



The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & Evolution with Tom Campbell - Pt 3 of 3 -    ( 52 mins)





Are we creating reality?

According to Bruce Lipton & Tom Campbell "



Tom Campbell and Bruce Lipton: Two Scientists "See the Same World" - What if it Really Works?   ( 1 Hr: 42 mins)


Tom Campbell began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe (Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys, and The Ultimate Journey) at Monroe Laboratories in the early 1970s where he and a few others were instrumental in getting Monroe's laboratory for the study of consciousness up and running. These early drug-free consciousness pioneers helped design experiments, developed the technology for creating specific altered states, and were the main subjects of study (guinea pigs) all at the same time. Campbell has been experimenting with, and exploring the subjective and objective mind ever since. For the past thirty years, Campbell has been focused on scientifically exploring the properties, boundaries, and abilities of consciousness.


Tom Campbell, physicist (formerly with NASA), and Bruce Lipton, biologist (author of The Biology of Belief), discuss what they have discovered about reality from their unique perspectives.

This is an uplifting and insightful interview by Chuck and Karen Robison of What If It Really Works.





Barbara Marx Hubbard











The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

By Barbara Marx Hubbard


WHAT IS CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION? Due to the increased power given us through science and technology, we are learning how nature works – the gene, the atom, the brain. We are affecting our own evolution by everything we do. With these new powers we can destroy our life support systems …or we can move toward a hope-filled future of immeasurable possibilities. We are the generation of choice, and we do not have much time to choose! Conscious Evolution is the worldview that has arisen precisely at this moment in history to deal with the new human condition. It is a vision and a direction to help us navigate through this transitional period to the next stage of human evolution. As Einstein admonished, humankind cannot solve its problems from the same place of consciousness in which we created them. A new place of consciousness is required. In simple terms Conscious Evolution takes place when we intend to grow in consciousness and use our increasing awareness to guide our actions and achieve a positive future. Bela H. Banathy, author of Guided Evolution of Society, offers this additional understanding of Conscious Evolution: It is a process by which we can individually and collectively take responsibility for our future. It is a process of giving direction to the evolution of human systems by purposeful action. And most importantly, Conscious Evolution enables us, if we take responsibility for it, to use our creative power to guide our own lives and the evolution of the systems and the communities in which we live and work. It is a process by which individuals and groups, families, organizations, and societies can envision and create images of what should be, and bring those images to life by design. Conscious Evolution is at the core a spiritually-motivated endeavor. Its precepts reside at the heart of every great faith, affirming that humans have the potential of being co-creators with Spirit, with the deeper patterns of nature and universal design. The promise of Conscious Evolution is nothing less than the emergence of a universal humanity capable of guiding its own evolution into a future of unimaginable co-creativity .



Understanding importance of Conscious Evolution - Barbara Marx Hubbard ( 38 mins)


 - Interview with Lilou Mace



Movies: ----

Humanity Ascending - Where is Humanity Going? Video Trailer ( 3 mins)

Imagine a movie that carries a global message as urgent as Al Gore's “Inconvenient Truth” and a spiritual message as powerful as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep”. - Imagine showing that movie to your loved ones and friends. - See why people like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Rev. Michael Beckwith call Barbara Marx Hubbard's Humanity Ascending a must-see movie!



'VISIONS of a Universal Humanity' Barbara Marx Hubbard - Trailer ( 4 mins)

and her evolutionary colleagues in the second movie of the award-winning, HUMANITY ASCENDING series present cutting edge perspectives on humankind's potential to create a positive future for the Earth.






The Spiral of Co-Creing with the Divie




The Future and You - Part 1 of 5… (mins)

Barbara Marx Hubbard speaks in San Francisco June 2009

 - The Pioneering Souls are being drawn to Co-Creating with the Divine a New World…






Dr. Ralph Metzner










Ralph Metzner Ph.D.


He was (born May 18, 1936 in Germany), is an American psychologist, writer and researcher, who participated in psychedelic research at Harvard University in the early 1960s with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (later named Ram Dass). Dr. Metzner is a psychotherapist, and Professor Emeritus of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where he was formerly the Academic Dean and Academic Vice-president.


Dr. Metzner has been involved in consciousness research, including psychedelics, Yoga, meditation and Shamanism for over 45 years. He is a co-founder and President of the Green Earth Foundation, a non-profit educational organization devoted to healing and harmonizing the relationship between humans and the Earth, and a signatory to the 9/11 Truth Statement. Metzner was featured in the 2006 film Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within, a documentary about rediscovering an enchanted cosmos in the modern world.


He has conducted numerous workshops on consciousness transformation and alchemical divination, both nationally and internationally. He is also a poet and singer-songwriter and has produced one CD.


Dr. Ralph Metzner, Expanded Consciousness Pioneer (1Hr:06 mins)



The Expansion of Consciousness - Book

This book addresses the role and significance of consciousness expansion in the psychospiritual transformations of the individual, and in the transformations of culture and society associated with the 1960s. In the first part is a description of how the holistic transformation teachings of alchemy, originating in the sacred science of ancient Egypt, persecuted by the Church in the Middle Ages, and ridiculed by scientific modernism, were revived in the 20th century by the work of two Swiss scientists: C.G. Jung, who identified alchemical symbolism as the objective language of the psyche; and Albert Hofmann, who, with the discovery of LSD reconnected the broken link between Spirit and Matter, the mysterious link known traditionally as the Philosophers Stone. In the second part, is a description of how the introduction of consciousness expanding substances into Western culture, synchronous with the invention of the atomic bomb at the height of World War II, was followed by the socio-cultural upheavals of the 1960s. These social transformation movements can be seen as a response of the collective psyche to the unprecedented challenges to civilization posed by nuclear war, environmental destruction and rampant population growth. Though seemingly counter-cultural in that they countered the domination agenda of the power-elites, were really the attempt to articulate an expanded consciousness and a vision of society centered around humane, ecological, creative and spiritual values.



Green Earth Foundation

The Green Earth Foundation is an educational and research organization dedicated to the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth. Our objectives are to help bring about changes in attitudes, values, perceptions, and worldviews that are based on ecological balance and respect for the integrity of all life-forms on Earth. Our areas of research and interest include consciousness studies, shamanism and alchemy, Earth mythology, as well as green- and eco-psychology. Green Earth Foundation founder, Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., http://greenearthfound.org/








Timeline of the Evolution of Consciousness -  Carl Calleman's Concept:


-          That the Mayan Pyramid is a Calendar with Steps of “Evolving Consciousness”

-          The speeding up of Time -  every time there is a stepping-up in consciousness   there is a speeding up of Time by 20 x … and that the Vibration of our Conciousness rises up by 20 x.


Concepts explained in Movie Documentary: The Quickening









The Conference For Consciousness And Human Evolution

Europes Largest Consciousness Conference




Consciousness and Human Evolution - Spirituality for the 21st Century


 Why meditate? What is Yoga? What does Consciousness mean? Are all these Conspiracy Theory's true or am I in control of my own destiny? Where is the Human race going? What is God and what is a soul? Age old questions which have been around since the birth of mankind are finding new vitality as a revolution is taking place in science. Since quantum physics arrived, old dogmatic views are falling away and a new and fascinating picture of reality is emerging, a view of infinite possibilities engaging mankind to remake the world inside and outside him as humanity moves into a new epoch of understanding the mystery of creation.


Join Europe's largest Conference on Consciousness, the Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution bringing together world teachers who are pushing the frontiers of science and spirituality to unfold the mystery of life, http://www.tcche.org/










The Collective Evolution  -  FULL ( 1 Hr: 51 mins)


'The Collective Evolution' is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon --finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported. The documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.



The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience ( 1 Hr: 30 mins)



The Collective Evolution III: The Shift (to be released)









Mass Dreams of the Future - Book

by Chet B Snow PhD and Helen Wambach PhD


Prophesies of the future as seen through hypnotically induced future-life progressions performed by Drs Wambach and Snow, on hundreds of volunteers. Their combined stories provide us a glimpse of what our future may contain: a choice between a violent apocalypse of conflict and destruction or a global spiritual awakening.


The people of the four timelines - Mass Dreams Of The future (  mins)


Your imagination is a PERCEPTION that you have, it can be used to create your future the same way your eyes prevent you from walking into a tree. One would have to practice with this new skill as it was unknown before "Your just imagining it" is a classic suppressive put down. VICTIM vs RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN CONDITION "THE WORLD IS WHAT WE MAKE IT"-Common Sense












On Consciousness…
Operation Terra
The term "Operation Terra" refers to both a body of information and an operational concept. The information was telepathically transmitted by a group of higher-density beings who refer to themselves as "The Hosts of Heaven." Their "messenger" is a 3D woman named Sara, who used to be connected with a 4D woman named Lyara, so much of the material on this site is signed "Lyara." Lyara withdrew from her connection to Sara in March 2009. Sara is now connected with a 4D woman named Adonna and is presently in the process of merging upwards into her.
This information was initially presented as a series of Messages — cosmic "lessons" from these celestial beings….  The concept of Operation Terra is one of assisting Planet Earth in her ascension to her next form — the new Earth….
For millennia, humans have pondered the existential questions of "Who am I?", "Why am I here?" and "What should I be doing with my life?" However, now that we are standing at the threshold of the ending of an entire 4.5 billion-year cycle of Creation, the logical questions to ask are "What will happen when this cycle ends?", "How should I prepare for this event?", "Where am I going?" and "What part do I play within the larger drama?" ….


The Messages !!!!!!
 … You are either in fear or you are in love. You must make this choice over and over again, in each moment that presents.

 … Only those with love in their hearts — not fear — will be lifted. The vibration of fear will not be compatible with the new Earth, Terra. There will be no death, disease, or aging on Terra. All of those things are the result of unexpressed fear.

 … The ultimate fear is the fear of death. Despite the abundant testimony of those who have been "to death's door" and returned to tell about it, the fear of death underlies every other fear you have. Many subtle fears are tied to the idea of being socially unacceptable in one way or another.
…. On the saying: "As above, so below." The second part of that is "As within, so without."
…The fact that you have never been and never will be separate from Source. The Christ has never left you, either, and so he cannot "return." This waiting for the "coming" that is present in all traditions throughout your world is really an expression of the sense of being cut off, of not being connected. The "coming" is about YOU, your coming back into the awareness of who you really are (an expression of the Creator) and coming back into your own true nature and estate…

 You are the "Second Coming," because you are destined to return or "come back" to what you were before.

 … All the feelings that you must have a savior who is somehow out of reach is part of the Big Lie. There is only one Source, There is only ONE LIFE being lived, through each aspect of the Creation. You are both a part of and contain the whole of the Creator. The Creator can be accessed within yourself, and when you have achieved union with the Creator, you will know who you are. ….









The Principice of Global Evolution - The Emissaries of Light – (43 mins)





Gregg Braden






Gregg Braden - The Holographic Nature of The Universe ( 10 mins)


Gregg Braden discusses the Holographic Nature of the Universe, and how everything we do affects the collective consciousness of us all.

-          The collective consciousness of us all.

-          Collective Resonance




Gregg Braden on consciousness  ( 10 mins)


Gregg Braden takes us on a short trip through consciousness that connects our feelings and our mass reality.










The Secret of Reality ( 4 mins)



“Reality is an Illusion”



Illusion and Reality (Full Version)  ( 21 mins)


Our believe system shapes reality. Every thought shapes our experience. What you focus on, expands. Change your thought will change your world. Everywhere we look, we are consciousness creating reality. The substance of the Universe is Consciousness.










The Nature of Reality  -  Jan. 2011 - ( 1 Hr: 46 mins)

Roundtable discussion with Mark Alford, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Firestein, Stuart Hameroff, and Menas Kafatos.







Hosted by  Franco DeNicola








The True Nature of Our Reality Pt 1 (  1 Hr: 20  mins)

June 24th, 2011 Collective Evolution hosted Franco DeNicola to do a talk on the true nature of our reality. This is the full 2 hour talk.




The True Nature of Our Reality Pt 2of2  (  1 Hr: 31 mins)

Collective Evolution hosted Franco DeNicola









Edgar Cayce on Reality


Reality is multi-dimensional. We are multi-dimensional beings who exist simultaneously in a multi-dimensional reality.


 Long ago, our bodies evolved from primates. Even longer ago, our minds evolved from the stars. But before the universe was even created, our spirits have always existed as part of the divine in even higher dimensions. At the conscious (physical) level, our bodies are like a miniature replica of the solar system. Our hearts perform the function of the sun – the center of the system. Other organs within our body are also used by our souls to find a means of expression. The planets exert astrological vibrations upon our bodies that influence our personalities and soul patterns. At the subconscious (soul) level, the solar system is our larger body. We are connected to the planets, the stars, spiritual realms and entities. On the superconscious (spirit) level, we are one with the Whole. At this level, we are on a conscious level with all there is – the divine. ….










The Reality of Truth - Film Trailer (  3 mins)


The Reality of Truth is a documentary film presented by Deepak Chopra and Mike Zappy featuring first of its kind interviews with the top thought leaders in the World including Dr Wayne Dyer, Transcendental Meditation leader Dr. John Hagelin, bestselling author Dr Norman Rosenthal, and many more.










Arcturian Light Transmissions: How We Create Our Reality ( 5 mins)









The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos

Book By Brian Greene


From the best-selling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos comes his most expansive and accessible book to date—a book that takes on the grandest question: Is ours the only universe?


There was a time when “universe” meant all there is. Everything. Yet, in recent years discoveries in physics and cosmology have led a number of scientists to conclude that our universe may be one among many. With crystal-clear prose and inspired use of analogy, Brian Greene shows how a range of different “multiverse” proposals emerges from theories developed to explain the most refined observations of both subatomic particles and the dark depths of space: a multiverse in which you have an infinite number of doppelgängers, each reading this sentence in a distant universe; a multiverse comprising a vast ocean of bubble universes, of which ours is but one; a multiverse that endlessly cycles through time, or one that might be hovering millimeters away yet remains invisible; another in which every possibility allowed by quantum physics is brought to life. Or, perhaps strangest of all, a multiverse made purely of math.


Greene, one of our foremost physicists and science writers, takes us on a captivating exploration of these parallel worlds and reveals how much of reality’s true nature may be deeply hidden within them. And, with his unrivaled ability to make the most challenging of material accessible and entertaining, Greene tackles the core question: How can fundamental science progress if great swaths of reality lie beyond our reach?


Brian Greene - The Hidden Reality ( 1 Hr : 18 mins)

Brian Greene, PhD, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University and bestselling author, spoke with Amir D. Aczel at the Museum of Science on March 2, 2011.







Probable Future!??




Parallel Universes and how to Change Reality  !!!!!!! ( 9 mins)


Mainstream science is now recognizing the existence of parallel realities. Can we change realities by shifting our intention?

This video suggests a model of six dimensions of reality that explain the power of focus to heal illness and extends to a shift in planetary consciousness to heal the world.

Video creator, Bryan Walton:: http://www.OxygenForTheMind.com











“The Meaning of Life – Understanding Purpose and the Nature of Reality”

 -  by Steven Lowis


Presenting metaphysics and quantum physics in a way that is accessible to all, “The Meaning of Life – Understanding Purpose and the Nature of Reality” provides a sound, scientific foundation upon which to support a general theory of purpose, and offers groundbreaking insight into the true identity of ‘God’.


This stunning work details the quantum mechanics at the heart of our ‘reality’, and shows how human beings can influence it, providing the correct interpretations and meanings behind ideas and theories such as the ‘Observer Effect’, ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation’, and the ‘Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle’.


Finally, a book that unites quantum mechanics, philosophy, and spirituality in order to answer the one question that every human being asks – “Why am I here?” This is a book for those who are seeking answers. …








The Spiritual World - DVD  (2005)


The release The Spiritual World constitutes a filmed, three-hour session on heightened spiritual consciousness by metaphysics and New Age guru Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson, shot at the Seventh International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in April 2005. In this revealing dialogue, Dr. Gibson discusses the intricacies of the spiritual world, with a marked emphasis on the soul's journey from pre-incarnation to incarnation to afterlife.








Quantum Mind of God  - DVD (2007)


The metaphysical home video Quantum Mind of God finds New Age philosopher and writer Philip Gardiner addressing and exploring concepts regarding the significance of human existence, the presence (or absence) of a divine creator, and the existence of absolute truth. Gardiner's conviction that ultimate truth and understanding lie within oneself constitutes the jumping-off point for this extended discussion. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi


Quantum Mind of God: Gateways to the Other World, Part 2 - DVD (2007)


Gnostician and New Age expert Philip Gardiner hosts the video release Gateways to the Other World: Quantum Mind of God, Part 2 (2007), in which he probes the questions that mankind has pondered, for centuries, regarding the existence of an afterlife. Gardiner posits the theory that it is possible for each human to journey to alternate realities within one's mind, and that prehistoric men, in fact, learned this practice millennia ahead of "advanced" modern man. Gardiner also touches on such subtopics as the secrets of the Great Pyramid, the idea of quantum entanglement and the methods of ancient healing inherent when one journeys to advanced metaphysical realms.













Youtube - Various links on Consciousness and Reality >>>










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