"Signs of Spiritual Awakening and 5th Dimensional Reality"  ( 5:07 mins)


"Signs of Spiritual Awakening and 5th Dimensional Reality" During this show, we will move from 3rd Dimensional Consciousness of Lack and Fear and become aware of the signs of 5th Dimensional Reality so we know when we have made it home.










5th Dimensional Shift of Consciousness ( 4:38 mins)


Change in consciousness from 3rd dimensional into 5th dimensional is usually followed by physical symptoms. Some of which include increased headaches, fatigue, various aches, pains and illness. Dualities of 4th and 5th frequencies produce tension on the physical body in a confusing battle of will in the midst of confusing chaos, war, and disease. A period known as burning through karmic residue and shedding the body of all things that cannot physically progress into 5th dimensional reality.










"Signs of Spiritual Awakening and 5th Dimensional Reality"  ( 5:07 mins)


"Signs of Spiritual Awakening and 5th Dimensional Reality" During this show, we will move from 3rd Dimensional Consciousness of Lack and Fear and become aware of the signs of 5th Dimensional Reality so we know when we have made it home.










Multidimensional Thinking


We will now address the gap between the third dimensional and multidimensional paradigms of thinking. Within the third dimensional paradigm you think of your “self” as being the physical body in which you live. Therefore, in order to ascend you will need to leave the physical body and travel across a long distance to visit higher dimensions of your Multidimensional SELF. You experience your physical “self” to be separate from the higher frequency versions of your Being, as well as separate from others and from the planet.


Within multidimensional thinking, your “self” is united with all life on all dimensions. Therefore, you are connected to every aspect of being on the entire planet, as well as to every frequency of your Multidimensional SELF. Hence, you do not “travel” to a different place or frequency. You merely change the frequency of your resonance and perceive reality through that perceptual filter.


The higher frequencies can perceive the lower frequencies, but the lower frequencies cannot perceive the higher ones, unless they “raise” their consciousness. For example, within your third dimensional consciousness you can perceive the second dimensional plants and animals. You can also perceive the first dimensional rocks and elements. You can even use your third dimensional microscope to perceive individual cells.


With multidimensional thinking, you are not just raising your consciousness. You are expanding your consciousness so that you can simultaneously perceive all the realities in-between, such as the fourth dimension that is between the third and fifth dimensional realities. When you perceive fourth dimensional auras, you simultaneously see the third dimensional forms, such as the people, trees, nature, and houses that emanate those auras. On the other hand, in order for most humans to perceive the fifth dimension and beyond, they need to close their eyes and be in a quite place to “raise their consciousness” into Theta and Delta Waves.


Conversely, when you “ascend” into the fifth dimensional frequency of SELF, multidimensional consciousness will be “normal.” Hence, you will not need to close your eyes in order to perceive it. However, just as you can easily perceive the first and second dimensional reality with your third dimensional consciousness, you will be able to perceive the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions with your fifth dimensional consciousness.


The benefit of being fifth dimensional is that you expand your consciousness beyond the third dimensional illusions of polarity, separation and limitation. Within fifth dimensional consciousness you live in unity with the ONE. Therefore, you are free of all the illusions, lies, limitations and polarities of the physical reality. From your fifth dimensional perspective, you can observe the third dimension much as you would observe a motion picture.


Within the unity of your fifth dimensional reality, you are fully aware of and connected to the myriad expressions of SELF within the third through fifth dimensions and beyond. It is this multidimensional perception of reality that causes difficulty for the new returnees to their fifth dimensional expression of SELF.











 by John Van Auken – A.R.E.


In 1973 Stanford Research Institute (SRI) conducted a research project called "The Jupiter Probe." The idea was to have earthbound humans attempt to "view" Jupiter before NASA's Pioneer 10 spacecraft flew by with its cameras. The participants put their 3D bodies in a state of rest and, with their 4D minds, viewed Jupiter with their inner eyes. Among them was the now celebrated remote viewer, Ingo Swann. He was able to describe Jupiter as the spacecraft cameras were to see it a few weeks later. The dimension that Ingo Swann's mind entered is a reality that we today might call a "virtual reality." The virtual Jupiter has a reality to it that is as “real” as the physical Jupiter. But there is more than image in these 4D perceptions. As any remote viewer and sleeping dreamer can tell you, the energetics of images are as dynamic as their physical forms. Often what happens in sleep and virtual reality is real to the viewer. The body's response to the mind's experiences can change the heart rate and blood pressure, force adrenaline to flow in either fight or flight reactions, or can stimulate even an orgasm because the viewer really thinks he or she is having physical sex. But isn't sex in the mind virtual sex, not real sex? The body’s reaction would indicate otherwise. Is the dimension just beyond this third the mind's fourth-dimensional, virtual reality? Or, is it more like Einstein's matter to energy and energy to matter? We can either experience a thing as matter or as energy; both are real. Whatever the ultimate physics, we are very alive and active whether in matter and the 3D realm or in energy and the 4D realm.


Most of us move in and out of sleep with relative ease. So subtle is the passage that we rarely notice the transition. Yet, most of us rarely gain full consciousness when in sleep, and when we do, we have great difficulty bringing the perceptions back. How often have you been waking with a vivid dream only to completely lose it once fully awake? How is it possible that so impressive a mental image can be so completely lost in the transition? Is the transition from sleep to awake a dimensional shift from the 4th to the 3rd? And once fully here, we cannot easily perceive the 4th. Yet, some humans, Ingo Swann for example, show an unusual ability to see fourth-dimensionally while not asleep. Even many "normal" humans have their occasional altered state of consciousness in which they perceive beyond the 3D world.


The ancient Egyptians believed the ba could travel beyond this dimension through a nearby realm called the Netherworld, and, if one could get through that realm, it could then go on to higher realms or heavens above. The gateway in and out of the higher realms was the re stau, a hidden, underground (or under-consciousness) gate that allowed one to travel far beyond Earth. The power of the jackal-headed god Anubis was called upon to guide one through the Netherworld. Why this god? Because the jackal was seen as having a heightened sense of smell. If a ba (akin to our term "soul") had made a long journey away from higher dimensions and was lost in a lower one, his jackal-like sense could pick up the trail and retrace the way home. So Anubis became the guide through the underworld to the heavens.


Developing our virtual senses, our mind's eyes, ears, and so on, would be an important step toward dimensional travel. Many think we will traverse infinite space once we can travel faster than the speed of light. Well, nothing, not even light, is as fast as the speed of thought. Ingo Swann's mind viewed Jupiter within a few minutes of making the attempt. That is fast -- fast enough for us to travel far beyond Earth. But, it's fourth-dimensional travel. Learning to activate our consciousness while in sleep may be one of the best ways to begin developing our virtual senses.




The ancient Greeks referred to the sleep state as being "in the arms of Morpheus," their god of dreams and the son of Hypnos (yes, as in hypnosis). Movies and computer graphics have familiarized us with "morphing," shape-shifting from one form to another, as the poet Ovid referred to Morpheus' shifting forms in sleep.


Sleep is actually more than one condition. It is a series of conditions that begins by stilling the 3D physical body, absorbing the normal 3D mind into the deeper subconscious, and allowing the mind to gradually go through various transitions, which we verify as changes in the brainwaves, from beta to alpha to theta, and so on. If the deepest type of sleep is achieved, then the inner being morphs from its normal icecube-like 3D reality to a watery, flowing realm in which 3D objects have the qualities of liquids and vapors -- the realm of Morpheus. The inner mind and being enter an expansive state in which the mind, not the body, is the mover and doer. In this dimension a 3D cube would be an image. We could see it. We could even touch it -- but not like we would a 3D cube on Earth. This cube is the fourth-dimensional version of our 3D solid. It is the thoughtform of the cube. Now we are perceiving beyond the three planes of the "real" cube. This is the 4D thoughtform of the cube, the idea of the cube. It has all the characteristics of the 3D cube but is in an alternate reality to it. It is not matter. In this dimension we do not use the body's physical senses, yet we are sensing. The mind's sight, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling are as real to the sleeper as the physical is to the 3D self. But we are beyond the physical, we are in the next dimension.


To really enhance your consciousness in this other dimension try meditating every night before falling asleep for a month. Your sleep state will come alive as your deeper 4D self takes conscious flight through the many realms beyond this little world of ours.


For protection and a right-guiding rudder, call for God’s Presence and Purpose throughout the sleep experience. See it, feel it, know it is with you as you let go and fall into sleep.


In the morning you must not move the 3D body as you are waking or you’ll lose the experiences. Gently pass the “dreams” over to your outer mind. Once it has them firmly, get up and write them down. Otherwise, you’ll forget them by 3 pm! Life here is just too consuming to retain the gossamer-like experiences of the realm of Morpheus.










Multidimensional Thinking


Multi-Dimensional Thinking - Mind Training to Get the Best out of Life
by Jimmy Henderson

Multi-Dimensional Thinking gives the reader a completely new view of the possibilities in life, changing from the mundane to the Conscious. This introduces the possibility of achieving dreams and ambitions never before thought to be possible.

The author offers the reader techniques to increase his/her 'mindfulness' to the point of releasing the chains of a troubled past and finding the freedom of our conscience. Once you do this, the possibilities become amazing!

The author has been involved in the study of mind and spirit for the past twenty-five years. Jimmy Henderson has published a number of articles on advanced mind-techniques and this is his second book on the subject. He has also been a crisis counselor for many years and has performed part-time lecturing in this field. He is currently an HR specialist and corporate trainer, presenting courses in advanced mind-development. He is a long-standing Rosicrucian (AMORC). He lives and teaches in Durban.








Multidimensional Consciousness – by Suzan Caroll PH.D.


"Dimensions" are a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension.


 "Consciousness" represents awareness. The inhabitants of each dimension function clearly, easily, and with a minimum of resistance within that plane because their consciousness vibrates in resonance with the frequency of that dimension.


"Multidimensional Consciousness" is the ability to be "conscious" of more than one dimension. To be multidimensional in our consciousness we must remember that we have within us the potential to expand our perceptual awareness to the dimensions above and below our physical plane.


 "Unconscious" means unaware of and unable to attend to internal and/or external stimuli within the inhabitants' own dimension or within another dimension. Third dimensional humans are largely unaware of their first dimensional, second dimensional, and fourth dimensional selves. The human unconscious is best accessed through physical body messages, introspection, dreams, and meditation.


"Conscious" means aware of and able to attend to stimuli within the inhabitants' own dimension. The third dimensional self is conscious of what can be perceived by the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.


 "Superconscious" is a higher order of consciousness of the fifth dimension and above in which the inhabitants are able to be aware of and attend stimuli of their own dimension as well as all the lower dimensions. The superconscious is innately multidimensional. The third dimensional self can become "conscious" of the superconscious through meditation, prayer, and by surrendering to the enfoldment of the higher order consciousness. >>>










Patricia Cori - Waking Up To Multi-dimensional Reality  ( 3 mins)


  “ We are not moving “Into another place” > “We ARE the Other Place!!!”











Travelling the Fourth Dimension







Jim Carrey







- Expansive Multi dimension Pineal Gland 3rd eye chakra (  8:46 mins)










11.11.11 Opening Of The Portal Of The Divine ( 9:55 mins)


On 11.11.11, the portal will open and the first wave of these divine energies will flow to every man, woman, and child reminding all of our true nature. We are eternal spiritual beings born of Source Energy. When we connect to our truth and see beyond our personality self, we discover the magnificence of our being and the inner love, beauty, innocence and worth that is contained within each of us.

Can you feel the shift?

The light is intensifying as we all align to our divine consciousness in our final step of our evolutionary transformation. The triple energies present in the 11.11.11is an activation point for the energies of the divine within all of humanity, which opens the portal of truth about who we are and our ascension process. We are offered a choice at this time to connect to our divinity within. People from all over the world are gathering to bask in and transmit this energy to the rest of the world.

It is time for us to remember our true nature.

This is a wake up call for all of us to come together and join in spreading the word. Come to our 11.11.11 celebration and help us usher in this new energy of the highest frequency available to humanity at this time.





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