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~ "All that we are is the result of what we have thought". - Buddha








"Thought" generally refers to any mental or intellectual activity involving an individual's subjective consciousness. It can refer either to the act of thinking or the resulting ideas or arrangements of ideas. Similar concepts include cognition, sentience, consciousness, and imagination. Because thought underlies almost all human actions and interactions, understanding its physical and metaphysical origins, processes, and effects has been a longstanding goal of many academic disciplines including, among others, biology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology.

Thinking allows beings to make sense of or model the world in different ways, and to represent or interpret it in ways that are significant to them, or which accord with their needs, attachments, objectives, plans, commitments, ends and desires.

The Mind-body problem - Mind-body dichotomy

The mind-body problem concerns the explanation of the relationship that exists between minds, or mental processes, and bodily states or processes.[ The main aim of philosophers working in this area is to determine the nature of the mind and mental states/processes, and how—or even if—minds are affected by and can affect the body.

Human perceptual experiences depend on stimuli which arrive at one's various sensory organs from the external world and these stimuli cause changes in one's mental state, ultimately causing one to feel a sensation, which may be pleasant or unpleasant. Someone's desire for a slice of pizza, for example, will tend to cause that person to move his or her body in a specific manner and in a specific direction to obtain what he or she wants. The question, then, is how it can be possible for conscious experiences to arise out of a lump of gray matter endowed with nothing but electrochemical properties. A related problem is to explain how someone's propositional attitudes (e.g. beliefs and desires) can cause that individual's neurons to fire and his muscles to contract in exactly the correct manner. These comprise some of the puzzles that have confronted epistemologists and philosophers of mind from at least the time of René Descartes.




Eckhart Tolle




Eckhart Tolle - Where do our Thoughts Come from?  ( 9 mins)


Eckhart discusses the transpersonal nature of thought, and how awareness arises both individually and collectively.










Where Beliefs Come From

You tend to think that your beliefs are rigid or unchanging. When what your belief is, is only a thought that you keep thinking. It's more like a habit of thought…

If you truly want to permanently change your life for the better,
you need to examine and alter your limiting Core Beliefs.

We have noticed something else very important too:

Clearing out limiting Core Beliefs can produce dramatic results,
making improvement and achievement of all kinds a whole lot easier.

  • What are Core Beliefs?

  • Where do Core Beliefs come from? (Is it my fault?)

  • How do Core Beliefs affect my life?

  • What about other beliefs which aren't Core?

  • Isn't changing beliefs hard work?

  • Will changing Core Beliefs make me feel different about myself or unsettled?

  • How do I know what my limiting Core Beliefs are?

  • What if I find a belief I don't want to change?

  • What about my Religious or Spiritual beliefs?

  • What are Core Beliefs?

Choosing a direction (what you want from life) and then moving down that path (taking action) are both heavily influenced by your Core Beliefs - what you fundamentally believe to be true about yourself, about other people, and about life in general.

True transformation involves looking closely at what we believe and then choosing healthier beliefs. Anyone who has tried this knows that the job of deciding to have more positive beliefs can be easier said than done! Old thought patterns, habits and external influences can all too easily drag us back into negative beliefs again - which in turn keep us behaving in the same old ways and getting the same results.

What's needed - and what is offered here - are radical technologies for clearing Core Beliefs, and then installing positive new ones.

Working at the level of Core Beliefs offers a radical new perspective on whatever issue or goal you want to work on. From this perspective, all your life issues, perceived limitations, blocks to progress, doubts and anxieties are all just symptoms of something much deeper - they are inevitable outcomes of your Core Beliefs.

Where do Core Beliefs come from? (Is it my fault?)

Most Core Beliefs are established in early childhood, or, past lives. Sometimes even before language has developed.

They are typically formed in response to "traumas" - events in the child's life which from the child's point of view was traumatic or made a strong emotional impression. These "traumas" could be events which an adult would appreciate as being traumatic - such as the death of a parent, an accident etc. But they can also be events which an adult wouldn't regard as being traumatic at all - such as having a favorite toy taken away, an unexpected departure of a parent (even if it is only to go out to the shops), the arrival of another sibling, not being fed soon enough to avoid hunger, being told off by a parent and so on. The list is endless - and not all children will find the same events traumatic or come to the same conclusions about them.

The mind responds to such "traumas" by deciding what the event "means". These conclusions become the basis for ongoing beliefs. The purpose of this process is fundamentally around safety and survival - i.e. pre-human mechanisms which we cannot avoid.

We can pick up additional Core Beliefs from those around us - parents, teachers, peers, society in general, the media etc - all can reflect back to us and reinforce our own Core Beliefs.

Therefore, any negative Core Beliefs you might have are the result of (a) brain mechanisms that are pre-human, (b) the thought processes of a young child, possibly pre-verbal and (c) external reinforcement.

Remembering this makes it a lot easier to understand that you, the adult, cannot be "to blame" for either having negative Core Beliefs or for keeping them for so long. In fact it would be fair to say "What chance did I have of NOT having them?". It is therefore pointless to give oneself a hard time (or anyone else) about having negative beliefs - and in fact such judgment simply makes things worse, often further reinforcing the negative Core Beliefs themselves ("You see, look how bad/weak/hopeless I am for having all these beliefs.")

However, the tools available to you here do offer you a way of taking back responsibility by consciously and deliberately finding and eliminating the Core Beliefs that you no longer want.









Power of Thought - A Quantum Perspective - By Kent Healy (10 mins)

A scientific approach to explaining the power of thought. We have all heard it before, "Your thoughts create your reality." Well, new quantum physics studies support this idea. Learn about recent research about how the mind can influence the behavior of subatomic particles and physical matter. If you enjoy the video, please pass it on to friends and family.


The Power of Positive Thinking - By Remez Sasson

Positive and negative thinking are both contagious.!!

All of us affect, in one way or another, the people we meet. This happens instinctively and on a subconscious level, through thoughts and feelings transference, and through body language. People sense our aura and are affected by our thoughts, and vice versa. Is it any wonder that we want to be around positive people and avoid negative ones? People are more disposed to help us if we are positive, and they dislike and avoid anyone broadcasting negativity.

Negative thoughts, words and attitude bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions. When the mind is negative, poisons are released into the blood, which cause more unhappiness and negativity. This is the way to failure, frustration and disappointment.






“Core Belief Change” or

“Thought Transformation” –Techniques






· The only thing we truly really own, is our

Thoughts and our Feelings, everything else is not

really ours at all. –
· We can always choose what we think,

and we can always choose how we feel,

about ourselves and about others,

that is our TRUE POWER!!

· ~ A man’s way of doing things is the direct

result of the way he thinks about things.






Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000) was an American researcher, philosopher, Great speaker, spiritual teacher and writer on many subjects and levels.

His works are wide-scoped, ranging from consciousness, the human experience, psychedelic substances and their role in societies, evolution of civilizations, origin of the universe to aliens.




Terence McKenna | Free Your Mind | You are the Creator!!! ( 4 mins)

Of all the billions of people who populate the earth,
you and you alone are capable of creating something unique.
Whether it's the ultimate invention,
a lifetime of exquisite paintings or a child;
you are the only one who carries the blueprints.

All the lies surrounding the creative process have persisted
because we're basically a doubting, disbelieving breed.
We have to make up whatever thoughts we can to keep us from
doing the work of our dreams, and so the myth persists.

I've spent many of my years encouraging others to express themselves.
I've seen people cling to more lies that render them absolutely powerless
than I ever thought possible...including myself.
Remember, there's no substitute for flying.

Pursuing a dream would mean too much hard work,
too many demanding hours and less security.
Worst of all, it would mean exposure, and even more mortifying,
potential humiliation. Yet far more devastating has to be that withering
moment at the end of your life when you look up and realize
you've missed your chance. You settled for mediocrity and will now
die alongside all that unrealized potential.

With dreams comes the chance to represent ourselves
in the world in a way that truly matters.
So dare to be seen, to be heard,
and most importantly... create.



Terence McKenna - Life is an Opportunity ( 6 mins)









The Evolutionary Mind – Trialogues at The Edge of The Unthinkable
by Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham

Who would talk about the evolutionary mind? Who cares about the good and evil in the evolution of species, and so on? This must be interesting only to the degree to which it informs us in this very present moment regarding our choices that we will make in the creation of our future.” -Ralph Abraham

“In a dynamical system, or a massively complex dynamical system such as we live in, when there is a moment of bifurcation, which is the technical mass jargon for “the snap”, that is the only time you get to do anything about the evolution of the system. So according to this self-inflating view, we live at an especially important special moment in history where when we think something or do something it has actually an enormous effect on the future. … What we do has some influence on the creation of the future more than at other times in history.” -Ralph Abraham

McKenna, Abraham, Sheldrake - The Evolutionary Mind (1/3) ( 1Hr:09 mins)

McKenna, Abraham, Sheldrake - The Evolutionary Mind (2/3) ( 1Hr:08 mins)

McKenna, Abraham, Sheldrake - The Evolutionary Mind (3/3) ( 54 mins)




Hawaii Lecture #3 -

The Power of Thought

 on DVD



The Power of Thought - by Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks, author and philosopher, discusses the true nature of Thought: "The most important thing to remember is it's not what you think - it's the fact that you think. Thought holds the secret to all our happiness, all our sadness. Once you realize the power of thought, I guarantee your life will never be the same again.

If you have a positive thought and you put life into it...positivity happens and you start to live in a positive life. Thought is a divine gift that we use to go through life. It guides us through life. And if you want a good guide, you look for positive thoughts."

"The Power of Thought" is the third in a series of four lectures given by Sydney Banks on Oahu on October 13, 2001.



Wayne Dyer







Wayne Dyer – Change your Thoughts, Change your Life ( 1 Hr: 30 mins)

Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of the most popular self-empowerment speakers and authors in the world. Although his childhood years were difficult, spending time in orphanages and foster homes, his personal struggle to overcome these obstacles and make his own dreams come true has inspired thousands of fans who refer to him as the "father of motivation." When he's not traveling the globe delivering his uplifting message, Wayne Dyer is writing from his home in Maui.

Dr. Dyer has written 30 books, recorded numerous audio programs, has appeared on over 5,200 television and radio programs including Oprah, The Today Show, and The Tonight Show, and has been interviewed in dozens of popular magazines. In 1985 he was selected as one of six prominent Americans, and his "A Letter to the Next Generation" appeared in Time magazine.

  "You're the creator of your thought, which means that in some   metaphysical way, you're the creator of your life.".

WAYNE W. DYER, PH.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He's the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

His books Manifest Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and the New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, The Power of Intention, Inspiration, Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life, Excuses Begone, and now Wishes Fulfilled have all been featured as National Public Television specials.




Abraham/Esther Hicks






Abraham / Hicks - An Easy Way To Change Old Beliefs  ( 14 mins)


Abraham, through Esther Hicks, speaks of the most important message of the great teachers.

It was my intention to make this video as simple as possible in order to keep the power of the words...although words don't teach. You may forget the words, but you will never forget how they made you FEEL.

I've made this video as a fan of the Abraham teachings. It's been a blast since I've started remembering who I am. My infinite thanks to Esther and Jerry Hicks for their invaluable work.









Using Your Brain — for a CHANGE
by Richard Bandler

"Neuro-Linguistic Programming"


The book is typically presented for the layperson, but there is much practical insight and value here for experienced practitioners and master practitioners alike. The Afterword tells why the attitude of curiosity is so essential for NLP and our ongoing journeys through life. Some of the things that Using Your Brain -- for a CHANGE covers include:

Fast Phobia Cure: An approach to a workshop participant's fear of "elevators." Of particular interest here is the discussion of the principles and effects of dissociation and the application of submodalities within this context.

Motivation Strategies: Motivational strategies explored from a submodality perspective, and within the context of toward and away from motivation. The most personal change issues that are brought into therapy have a lot to do with motivation, and workshop participants' motivational strategies for "waking up" are used to explore how our own submodalities can be utilized to enhance motivation in other areas of our lives....









Universal Law:

Whether we are aware of them or not, we are all subject to the universal laws; these laws exist together in harmony and are the foundational aspects that govern how events and circumstances unfold in our lives.


The Law of Thinking - 1 of 11
This is the explanation of the law of thinking. Law of thinking is a universal law and people that will benefit from this video are those interested in becoming wealthy, positive thinking and self improvement

The Law of Supply - 2
This is the explanation of the law of supply. Law of supply is a universal law and people that will benefit from this video are those interested in becoming wealthy, positive thinking and self improvement

The Law of Attraction - 3
This is the explanation of the law of attraction. Law of attraction is a universal law and people that will benefit from this video are those interested in becoming wealthy, positive thinking and self improvement

The Law of Receiving - 4
This is the explanation of the law of receiving. Law of receiving is a universal law and people that will benefit from this video are those interested in becoming wealthy, positive thinking and self improvement

The Law of Increase – 5
This is the explanation of the law of increase. Law of increase is a universal law and people that will benefit from this video are those interested in becoming wealthy, positive thinking and self improvement

The Law of Polarity - 6
This is the explanation of the law of polarity. It is also called the law of cause and effect or the law of compensation. Law of polarity is a universal law and people that will benefit from this video are those interested in becoming wealthy, positive thinking and self improvement.

The Law of Non-resistance - 7
This is the explanation of the law of non-resistance. Law of non-resistance is a universal law and people that will benefit from this video are those interested in becoming wealthy, positive thinking and self improvement.

The Law of Forgiveness - 8
This is the explanation of the law of forgiveness. The law of forgiveness is an important universal law. You will benefit from this video if you are interested in positive thinking, self improvement or how to be in control of your life.

The Law of Sacrifice - 9
This is the explanation of the law of sacrifice. The law of sacrifice is an important universal law. You will benefit from this video if you are interested in positive thinking, self improvement or how to be in control of your life.

The Law of Obedience – 10
This is the explanation of the law of obedience. The law of obedience is an important universal law. You will benefit from this video if you are interested in positive thinking, self improvement or how to be in control of your life.

The Law of Oneness - 11
This is the explanation of the law of oneness. The law of oneness is an important universal law. You will benefit from this video if you are interested in positive thinking, self improvement or how to be in control of your life.







  • 1. Transmutation of Natural Energy

  • 2. Law of Polarity

  • 3. Law of Rhythm

  • 4. Law of Relativity

  • 5. Law of Vibration and Attraction

  • 6. Law of Gender

  • 7. Law of Cause and Effect






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The Power of Sound






The Science of the Spoken Word


Book by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet


This important work explains how to use visualizations, meditations and affirmations for self-transformation. Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet are world-renowned authors and pioneers of modern spirituality. They have conducted seminars and workshops throughout the world on spiritual topics, including angels, the aura, soul mates, prophecy, spiritual psychology, reincarnation, practical spirituality and the mystical paths of the world's religions. They have also published a number of popular books on these topics. Mark passed on in 1973 and Elizabeth has carried on their work.








The Creative Power of Sound: Affirmations to Create, Heal and Transform


Book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Affirmations to Create, Heal, and Transform Teaches us the many ways we can enhance our everyday lives with the power of prayers, mantras, chants and affirmations...shows us how prayer creates change in our lives, why some doctors use prayer to treat their patients, how Gregorian chants energize the body, how visualization enhances spoken prayer, and how breathing techniques generate power. ELIZABETH CLARE PROPHET is the author of several best-selling titles, such as Soul Mates and Twin Flames in her popular Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality series, The Human Aura, The Lost Years of Jesus and Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity. She has pioneered techniques in practical spirituality, including the creative power of sound for personal growth and world transformation. Elizabeth Clare Prophet's seminars and workshops on angels, the aura, soul mates, prophecy, spiritual psychology, reincarnation, the mystical paths of the world's religions and other topics have been broadcast on more than 200 cable TV stations throught out the United States. She has also been featured on NBC's Ancient Prophecies, Donahue, Larry King Live and Nightline.










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