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Extra-Sensory Perception?

ESP is also sometimes casually referred to as a sixth sense, gut instinct or hunch,

Are there some people ("sensitives" or "psychics") who can somehow receive the thoughts of others, and even transmit their own thoughts to others? This direct mind-to-mind communication is often said to be instantaneous and independent of distance. Proponents sometimes claim all people have this ability to some degree, and that this explains many curious events in daily life, such as dreams of future events. The catch-all term for this alleged ability is extra-sensory perception, ESP. "Parapsychology" is the term used for what is purported to be a serious study of such claims. So far, however, parapsychology seems to be a "science" that cannot even demonstrate that its subject of study exists to be studied!

There are these primary types of human extrasensory perceptions. Many people use a combination of these. But it is not uncommon to have one type more developed than the rest. The claims for Primary Types of ESP abilities fall into these general categories:

  • Telepathyknowing (unwavering awareness) and a person's awareness of another's thoughts, without any communication through normal channels.

  • Clairvoyance (seeing or sight) or "remote viewing"— knowledge somehow acquired of an object or place or event without the use of the normal senses.

  • Clairaudience (hearing)

  • Clairsentience (feeling or sensory experience)

  • Precognition knowledge a person may have of another person's future actions, or of future events.

  • Psychokinesis or Telekinesis a person's ability to produce some change in the state of a physical object or to influence an event, by merely wishing something would happen.

There is example of the pre-cognition of thinking of a person, then the phone rings, and it is that person you were thinking about on the phone….

ESP Power Telepathic Communication – Learn Mental Telepathy

 ( 4 mins)






Edgar Cayce's ESP: Who He Was, What He Said, And How It Came True

One of the most remarkable stories of the twentieth century about one of the most incredible men who ever lived: Edgar Cayce, a Kentucky farm boy whose psychic powers healed thousands, touched countless lives, and inspired the dawn of the New Age.

For more than forty years, Edgar Cayce (1877—1945), the “sleeping prophet,” regularly exhibited an astonishing psychic ability. From an altered state, he was able to read minds and souls, diagnose thousands of illnesses, successfully prescribe remedies, see into the past and the future, and tap into a source of universal knowledge where such information resides—a source Cayce said is available to us all.

For anyone who has heard of Edgar Cayce—and his name is familiar to millions—here is a concise, reliable, immensely readable introduction to his life, work, and message. In Edgar Cayce's ESP, his story is told by writer Kevin Todeschi, an authority on Cayce's work and the director of the popular educational organization Cayce founded, the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Drawing upon more than 14,000 case histories and readings, Todeschi presents a wealth of proof of Cayce's psychic abilities and the effects they had on the lives of his contemporaries. Todeschi focuses especially on the character of the modest, generous Cayce himself, a man who started out in life as a sensitive, Bible-reading Kentucky farm boy and who grew up to become an unlikely prophet of the New Age and the most famous psychic in American history






Precognition and Clairvoyance Explained ( 9:15 mins)







“How to Make ESP work for you” – by Harold Sherman with Watkins on D Wilcock Video – a “Nested set of Spheres to get into, to communicate, and a channel to the “center”.



How to Make ESP Work for You  - by Harold Sherman

Have you ever had a premonition that something was going to happen -and it did?

Have you suddenly thought of someone you've not thought about for months or years only to run into him or her at an unexpected place?

Have you had a vivid dream of some event that later came to pass?

Then you've already experienced the incredible power of extrasensory perception. Here, in this exciting and revealing book, ESP expert Harold Sherman shares his most outstanding, authentic ESP experiences and shows you how to harness the power of ESP to make it work for you!












ESP - Psychokinesis - Telekinesis













Russian Psychics ( 3 mins)
- Moves object without touching them…

Best Telekinesis Power Mind over Matter ( mins)

"I've always been interested in life's mysteries—the paranormal, psychic phenomena, and peak experiences. But more than any of this, I am ceaselessly inspired by the real mystery that life itself is, and I find my deepest sense of purpose in caring for the future of our evolving Cosmos and culture. In this page, Ill share the values and vision that inform my interest in the future, and some of the many ways Im endeavoring to put them into action." -Gerard Senehi

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