~“To live in the Heart – For the Mind does not have the answers,

 and the Heart has no questions”. ~


~" Each of you is here with a Purpose, to be exactly You." ~








Self Discovery – Series


Harold W Becker





Self Discovery: Introduction - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 45 mins)

TLF TV presents the first of the Self Discovery series of conversations with Philip Snow interviewing Harold W. Becker from his book Internal Power - 7 Doorways to Self Discovery. In this introduction, Harold provides an overview of the self discovery process and the various doorways that will be explored throughout the series including: Choice, Communication, Positive Thinking, Creativity, Masculine and Feminine Energies, The Child Within and Unconditional Love.

Through self discovery, we find the essential nature of who we are, how we think and feel, and why love is the transformative element for positive change both individually and collectively. By recognizing and embracing our personal power, we experience more joy in life. As we discover, understand and expand our individual perspectives, we become more consciously aware of unconditional love as the unifying element throughout our lives.







Self Discovery: A New Beginning - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 49 mins)

Self Discovery: Communication - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 52 mins)

Self Discovery: Positive Thinking - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 43 mins)

Self Discovery: Choice - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 47 mins)

Self Discovery: Unconditional Love - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 59 mins)

Self Discovery: The Child Within - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 1 Hr:05mins)

Self Discovery: Masculine and Feminine Energies - Conversations with Harold W Becker       

(1 Hr:09 mins)

Self Discovery: Creativity - Conversations with Harold W Becker ( 42 mins)







Self Discovery by Ian Wolstenholme








Philosophers & Metaphysical Subjects:

On Love of Wisdom from Truth & Reality
Greek Philosophy - Greek Philosophers
All is One (Space) and Active / Flux (Wave-Motion)
Discussion & Quotations on the Philosophy / Metaphysics of the Ancient Greek Philosophers








 Become Fearless - Teachings of ONE  (  mins)

---- THE BOOK OF ONE ----- by Dennis Waite
---- THE BOOK OF ONE ----- by channeled by Bernard @


Calm Urgency to Awaken (Part 1 of 2) - Teachings of ONE  ( mins)







Are You One Of The People Who Heard The Call? ( 3:12 mins)

Regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon talks about the souls who heard the call and volunteered to incarnate on planet Earth at this time as evidenced by her regression hypnotherapy clients who have been reporting on future events while under hypnosis. Are you one of the people who heard the call?


Thanks for being YOU!

Many of us decided to come here at this specific point in time to help with the great shift in consciousness and to be an active participant in the global spiritual awakening. Our star families are gathering here as well, as evidence by the numerous UFO sighting in recent years.

Past life regression hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon, states that the ET’s think this is the greatest show on earth! You CHOSE to be here right now. This is your destiny!







Dare to be You!! REMEMBERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE ( 21 mins)
Meditation by Caroline Cory

This is an experiential meditation extracted from the 'Dare To Be You!' webcast series done by Caroline Cory in 2010. This guided meditation will allow your physical brain to start recognizing this Real aspect of you, which is not just the spirit, the soul or an imprecise concept but is present as a part of your consciousness.








You Are Not Alone Anymore - Bernard Alvarez of Global Illumination Council

You Can Talk To God - Dr. Bernard Alvarez – Just Bernard Show @ GIC Radio





Howard Falco




Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher, author and speaker specializing in the power of the human mind as it relates to the creation of the experience of life. With no background in spirituality, quantum physics or religion, went through a spontaneous and massive shift in consciousness that revealed the answers to more about life than he ever imagined knowing.

The result for Howard was an immediate release from all disharmony and fear in life. A direct connection between everything in the world and each object in existence was seen for its complete purpose and perfection. Revealed during this experience was the core condition underlying all human action and reaction, joy and suffering. The experience of peace and tranquility pervaded every part of him.

The depth of this new insight unveiled the answers to many of the larger questions that humanity has asked for centuries, such as


“Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Why do I suffer?”

Stunned and inspired by this powerful knowledge and the realization of the way each of us create the experience of our lives, Howard set out to honor the experience by sharing what he learned. After taking over two years to fully process this awareness, he has authored a new book on human understanding and potential titled, I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are.


I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are -

Book by Howard Falco


I AM presents a powerful and astonishing new perspective on the relationship between you and the world around you, offering a deeply liberating look at the nature of who you are and the life you are truly capable of experiencing.

The book offers the key to personal transformation, peace and fulfillment, empowering you with the awareness of how to immediately understand, change and create your experience of life as desired.

I AM was released nationwide on September 2nd, 2010 through Tarcher-Penguin Publishing and is available wherever books are sold.

Are you ready to discover who you really are?


There are many key messages in the book that have the power to produce a positive change in your life. Some of the things you will discover in the book are.

  • How you create your experience of life

  • How you always have control over your state of mind

  • The true purpose and perfection of your ego

  • Why you have emotions

  • Why you have need and addictions

  • The meaning and purpose behind every experience of life

  • How to shorten the "time" it takes to experience your desires

  • Why you have fear and how to dissolve it

  • How to get the answer to any question

  • The gift that is in every moment of life

  • The most powerful component to changing your life

  • A path to the lasting experience of peace, love and joy

 More information his work can be found at www.Howardfalco.com


I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are   ( 2 mins)


Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher, speaker and counselor specializing in the creative power of the mind. He is the founder of TruthSerum.net and lives with his family in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Available nationwide Now, I AM, written by Author Howard Falco presents a powerful and astonishing new perspective on the relationship between you and the world around you, offering a deeply liberating look at the nature of who you are and the life you are truly capable of experiencing.

For centuries humankind has been asking fervent questions about the meaning of life. As Howard Falco learned, the answers to these questions can ultimately be found in the answer to just one: "Who am I?" In late 2002, in the middle of an ordinary life, Falco—a thirty-five-year-old investment manager with a wife and two children—sought the answer to this powerful question and remarkably this quest resulted in a sudden and all-encompassing shift in his awareness that revealed more about life and how we each create it than he ever imagined knowing. Startled by this new understanding and its implications for his own life and the lives of all others, Falco set out to share his discoveries. The stunning result is this book.

I Am takes readers on a life-changing journey in which they will discover the incredible power they have over their experience of life , finding the doorway to eternal peace, happiness, and fulfillment lies in one of the shortest sentences in the written word but the most powerful in the universe: I AM! .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MPAkX3c3SE&feature=player_embedded#


Howard Falco  - Live Interview about "I AM" on The McMahon Group 09-03-10  ( 7 mins)

Howard Falco author of, "I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are" ( http://www.thebookIAM.com  ) Is interviewed on AZTV's The McMahon Group about life and the creative power of choice within each of us. The program aired on 09-03-10.



  " Challenge any thought that says that you are Anything less than Perfect in this moment!"


Deepak Chopra Interviews Howard Falco - Spiritual Teacher & Author of I AM ( 17 mins)


The interview covers Howard's journey to his massive awakening that produced the transformative information in his book I AM. Also covered are several of the concepts and ideas covered in I AM 

including a path to peace and the great power within.








Dalai Lama - Purpose of our Life  ( 2 mins)


This is an extract of a talk of the Dalai Lama in Hamburg (Germany) about what H.H. thinks about what the purpose of our life is.






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