We will discover the nature of our particular genius

when we stop trying to conform to our own or other people’s models,

learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.’

~ Shakti Gawain







Each one of us has a life purpose. Each one of us is here on a mission.


Each one of us has a grand destiny, if we but choose to embrace it. …

Each one of us fits in this grand scheme of life like pieces of a puzzle. …

On A Mission, to Find Our Life’s Purpose - Finding True North – Your True Uniqueness!!!


Edgar Cayce




Edgar Cayce’s ARE – Finding your Soul’s Purpose/Mission ( 5: 18 mins)

Your Mission in Life, Souls Purpose,
Mission Statement, Life Reading Video Edgar Cayce

Discovering My Soul's Purpose

And indeed, there is…according to the Edgar Cayce philosophy, each person living in the earth is here for a specific soul purpose; a purpose that no one else can fulfill. While for some people, their purpose might be directly related to a profession or vocation, for others it could simply be a particular way of living day by day. Finding and then understanding and living your soul’s purpose is actually a life-long process. As your knowledge grows and deepens, you will find greater and greater opportunities for fulfilling your life’s mission.

To discover clues to your own life’s purpose, ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes my heart sing?

  • When in my life do I feel a sense of wonder?

  • In what ways do I feel called to be of service to others?

  • When do I feel closest to God?

The Cayce readings suggest that we are closest to living our soul’s purpose when we feel joyful, when we are in awe of the wonder of life around us, when we are being of service to others, and when we are deeply aware of our connection God.

In your contemplative or meditation time, ask your higher self:

  • What is my soul’s purpose?

  • Why am I here in the earth at this time?

Then become aware of the answers that will come to you through that “still, small voice” from within, or through synchronous events, or even through your dreams. Your soul is communicating with you all the time, and its greatest desire is for you to fulfill your purpose for this life experience….




Dan Millman



The Four Purposes of Life - Dan Millman – Author

Dan Millman (born February 22, 1946) is a former Trampolining world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor and college professor. He has written several self-help books and and gives motivational lectures.

Life Purposes:

  • The Purpose: Evolution

  • The Arena: Daily Life

  • The Time: Now

  • The Method: Action

  • -It begins on the ground. - It Starts where you are. - It works at every Level.—







How to Finally Find Your Personal Mission in Life

Most people spend countless hours, days, months and even years trying to discover their life's purpose. And, of course, many people never discover their purpose or personal mission in life.

You've probably asked yourself questions like these many times: "What's the purpose of my life?" or "Why am I here?" or "Is there something I am meant to do in life?" In fact, it's rare to meet anyone who hasn't asked himself or herself these or other similar questions many, many times.

Well, now it's time to discover the purpose of your life once and for all.

Robert Stuberg believes it is no accident that you are here. In other words, luck and chance have nothing to do with who you are and the life you are currently living.

You have a purpose of life that only you can fulfill and the sooner you discover what it is, the sooner you will find the success, happiness, and fulfillment your desire.









7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to discovering your life purpose. Unfortunately, though, nobody else can find it for you. Since your life purpose is unique from anyone else’s, it’s a mission that you – and only you – can complete.

In your quest for passion, concentrate on enjoying the journey itself. Sometimes when you stop stressing about your life’s purpose, it falls into your lap!.

Here are some ways you can discover your life purpose:

  1. Write about how you feel. Try journaling with a pen and paper, or grab your laptop and just start writing. Write about how you truly feel and what you want out of life. Remember that no one is going to read this other than you, so don’t be afraid to express your thoughts.

    1. Go back and reread your entries every so often. Many times this process can bring you new realizations that you didn’t think of when you were writing it in the first place.

  2.  Pursue your passions. If you’re passionate about a certain subject, maybe you can make a career or hobby out of it so that you can engage in activities that are personally meaningful to you. This way, each day of your life will feel like it matters and you will have a life purpose.

  3. Consider your talents. Think about the areas in which you naturally excel and see if you can turn these skills into something meaningful for you.

    1. Many people are drawn to a life purpose that makes them feel like they’re making a true difference in the lives of other people. You may find it fulfilling to be using something you’re good at to help others that are in need.

    2. For example, if you find that you’re good at comforting people, perhaps you can consider a career as a counselor.

  4. Converse with inspiring people. Strike up a conversation with someone who inspires you. While you might not be interested in the same things, you can talk about how they discovered their life purpose. Their triumphs and struggles will make good lessons for you in your journey to your purpose.

  5. What brings you joy? Reflect on the moments in your life when you’re most happy. What are you doing at these times? You can start the quest for your life purpose by using what already makes you happy.

    1. Maybe you’re most happy when you’re just sitting at home with your family. That’s a wonderful gift!

    2. Remember that you’re not necessarily searching for something exotic! After all, your life purpose may already be under your nose.

  6. Embrace change. Sometimes the thing that holds you back from self-discovery is a fear of change. There’s comfort and safety in not taking risks, but you also may never discover your life’s true purpose. Learn to embrace change because life is constantly changing around you.

  7. Uphold your values. Everyone has a set of values that they tend to adhere to in life. You can use your values as a starting point to discovering you life purpose. Make a list of your values with your most important ones at the top. Think about what you can do to honor those values in life every day and you may find your purpose.

Finding your purpose in life may not be as hard as you think. Use these strategies on your journey and one day soon you’ll realize that you’ve found the one feature of your life that makes everything worthwhile.







Align With Your Life Purpose - Hypnosis Audio ( mins)

Clear obstacles to your life purpose. Gain the confidence and clarity you need to move forward with meaning, purpose and passion. Achieve your goals with Business Coach & Hypnotherapist Alicia D. Cramer C.Ht. Additional hypnosis mp3s available online!








What is the Purpose of Life? ( 4 mins)

In this interview series we asked Radhanath Swami universal foundational questions about life and spirituality. Here is a transcript of the answer to this question:

What is the Purpose of Life?"

The fundamental need of every living being is to love and to be loved. Without that nothing can really satisfy the heart.

Objects can satisfy the senses of the body. Various emotional gratifications can satisfy the mind. But the heart is yearning, longing, to love and to be loved. - In the Brahma-sutra it is said ananda-mayo 'bhyasat, which means the inherent nature of every living being is we are seeking pleasure.

It is something we all have in common. Even the little ant that is crawling on the floor is seeking pleasure in a particle of sugar.

The procreation of all living beings is based on that longing for pleasure. But only love can give pleasure to the heart.

And we can see for example in a child, if a child is given a beautiful home, wonderful toys and games, but that child does not feel loved, the child will be insecure, unstable and unsatisfied. It is our nature, whether we are black or white or red or yellow in color, whether we're American or Russian or Indian or Pakistani or Palestinian or Israeli, whether we're young or old, rich or poor..

Whatever our particular designation may be in this world, our inherent need is to express and feel love for someone else and to feel loved by someone else.

Why is it that we all have that in common?

According to the Srimad Bhagavatam it is because it is the inherent nature of the soul. The soul is part of God. That love of God is dormant within the heart of every living being, but we have forgotten that love.

So we're trying to find that experience of pleasure in so many ways in this world. And because it's not really satisfying our need, so much frustration. And due to that frustration human beings can act in such strange and often dangerous ways, to themselves, to others and to the planet.

t's all in the search of love.

So the purpose of life is to redirect that propensity to love, of the soul, back toward God.

And when we experience God's unlimited love and we feel the unlimited love of the soul for God, included within that experience is compassion and love for every living being.

That is what everyone is looking for.

That is the essence of every religion.

And that is the highest purpose of life.







Abraham-Hicks~ Contrast and the purpose of life ( 9 mins)

- The “ Expanding and Aligning” circle of Life…








How To Find Your True Purpose In Life ( mins)

State Of Being Is All That Matters - Let me help you find your true purpose in life.








Conversations with the Universe

Conversations with the Universe is a weekly syndicated talk show hosted Suzanne Fensin and Isis Jade covering a wide variety of life-changing, universal and personal development topics including: Human Evolution, Human Potential, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Life Purpose, Releasing Ego, Aligning With Your Infinite Nature, and much, much more.

















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