“To live in the Heart – For the Mind does not have the answers,

and the Heart has no questions”.


~ You are either in fear or you are in love. - You must make this choice,

over and over again, in each moment that it presents. ~




Inelia Benz





WHAT IS LOVE? - Inelia Benz

It's an energy. It's a vibration. -  Love is a vibration that is natural to human beings. It's the highest vibration there is, without judgement now, not to say higher or lower are different in any way, just like two notes of an instrument, like an A and a D, one is not superior to the other in any way. They're simply different. Love is the building block of the human construct, the human species, that's why anybody who goes back to source of humanity will experience indescribable love and light. Anybody who's had an enlightened experience will also describe "Love" . It's actually the closest word we can use because it's beyond anything we can possibly imagine.

Now when we use the word in a romantic sense it's a completely different beast. It contains all sorts of things such as possessiveness and need and pleasure, pain, and all sorts of things when we use it in a romantic level. And then when we use it on a familiar level, the love we feel for our children, friends or family or pets again there's all sorts of things tied up into it like responsibility and and need to be with at a physical level. So when I think about what love means to me it doesn't mean anything it's just a vibration. And it's the vibration that the collective wants to move fully into as a planetary entity, as Gaia... It's already there




The Global Ascension Center - Northern California


The whole concept behind the center is that it becomes a geographical location that will grow not necessarily in the same spot but throughout the world, where it will be held in trust for all the species in the planet. It will be held in trust for the human species and for all planetary intelligence. And the energy behind it is to activate it so we can reintegrate at a very physical level. We're calling it the Global Ascension Center.




The Global Ascension Center organization intends

to gather humanity raised funds  to create Source Activated physical centers throughout the World, networked by a self supporting on-line community. These centers will teach a person, through physical experience, what it is to be in a high vibration state

of existence  where Source, Gaia and His or Her Humanity are ONE.




Introducing The Global Ascension Center  ( 3 mins)


We are now physically moving into a new, higher vibration. This is the place for empowered individuals to flex their creative powers.








Loving Unconditionally: Introduction - Conversations

with Harold W Becker ( 24 mins)

In future episodes, Harold and Philip explore loving unconditionally in greater detail. There are 9 videos in the series including the Introduction, Unconditional Love, Going Within, Expanding our Awareness, Aligning Ourselves, Tapping the Unlimited, Living Now/Creating Now, and We The People, along with a Blooper/Outtake video.

TLF TV presents the first of the Loving Unconditionally series of conversations with Philip Snow interviewing Harold W. Becker from his book Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being. In this introduction, Harold provides an overview of the series by exploring the nature of who we are, how we think and feel, and why unconditional love is the transformative element for positive change both individually and collectively.

With practical and simple explanation, the series begins with his unique definition of unconditional love as "an unlimited way of being" from which Harold builds a strong foundation of understanding of the essential nature of our awakening and the value of living more fully in the "now" by being present and aware of our thoughts and feelings. By recognizing and embracing our personal creative power and our unlimited potential, we experience more joy in life. As we discover, understand and expand our individual perspectives, we become more consciously aware of unconditional love as the unifying element throughout our lives…







Loving Unconditionally: Going Within - ( 53 mins)

Loving Unconditionally: Expanding Our Awareness ( 41 mins)

Loving Unconditionally: Aligning Ourselves ( 54 mins)

Loving Unconditionally: Tapping the Unlimited ( 45 mins)

Loving Unconditionally: Living Now Creating Now ( 1 Hr: 05 mins)

Loving Unconditionally: We, The People ( 52 mins)







Unconditional Love: How to Live with an Open Heart in a Changing World
Books by Ed & Deb Shapiro

Unconditional Love offers us an in-depth understanding of what it is to live in the complexity of modern life while maintaining a tender and caring heart. Both practical and inspiring, it presents the wisdom of the East and the paths of Buddhism and Yoga in a truly accessible form. The Shapiros--experts in personal development, stress management, and meditation--specialize in making the ancient truths applicable to everyday life and in reaching those who are seeking a spiritual direction free of religious doctrine. Unconditional Love asks that we go beyond the ego to find deeper levels of loving, kindness, forgiveness, and tolerance--and that we live with integrity, fearlessness, and the vastness of an awakened heart.








Accept the children the way we accept trees—with gratitude, because they are a blessing—but do not have expectations or desires. You don’t expect trees to change; you love them as they are.”   ― Isabel Allende
“Love is made up of three unconditional properties in equal measure:
1. Acceptance
2. Understanding
3. Appreciation
Remove any one of the three and the triangle falls apart.

“Unconditional love is the greatest gift of all" ~ The Soul Bearers, by Sylvia Massara”
The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross







The Love Foundation

It is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally.







 "Gratitude" ( 10 mins)

“Gratitud” - Video Subtitulado en Espanol















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