"Time is an Illusion, with a Purpose" - Edger Cayce


If Time is an “Illusion”, then, so must be “Space”.

As there is the “Time-Space Continuum”.






Time – No-Time – Time is an Illusion

As you read this sentence, you probably think that this moment—right now—is what is happening. The present moment feels special. It is real. However much you may remember the past or anticipate the future, you live in the present. Of course, the moment during which you read that sentence is no longer happening. This one is. In other words, it feels as though time flows, in the sense that the present is constantly updating itself. We have a deep intuition that the future is open until it becomes present and that the past is fixed. As time flows, this structure of fixed past, immediate present and open future gets carried forward in time. This structure is built into our language, thought and behavior. How we live our lives hangs on it.

Yet as natural as this way of thinking is, you will not find it reflected in science. The equations of physics do not tell us which events are occurring right now—they are like a map without the “you are here” symbol. The present moment does not exist in them, and therefore neither does the flow of time.

Additionally, Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity suggest not only that there is no single special present but also that all moments are equally real [see “That Mysterious Flow,” by Paul Davies; Scientific American, September 2002]. Fundamentally, the future is no more open than the past.







If Time is an “Illusion”, so must be “Space”. As there is the “Time-Space Continuum” ???

"Time is an Illusion with a Purpose" - Edger Cayce

"Everything in the universe exists at one time simultaneously. The first words ever spoken still ring throughout the universe, and in your terms, the last words ever spoken have already been said." - Seth

Of all the illusions within our present 3D distortion, understanding the deception of space/time vs the reality of time/space is one of the most difficult for most to escape. If Space/Time (Physicality/Matter) is the illusion, then Time/Space (Anti-Mater) must be the reality.

"As one "ages" the illusion of time passage begins to deteriorate because your "higher mind" begins to understand the illusion."

There is no time, nor is there a past or future in the way we perceive them to be. Everything happens in the NOW.







A different  Version of Time and No-Time:

If our lives were a “Book”, and the Book represents the Time in our lives ~ The whole of Time exists as a “Book” full of pages, and words… But, in our daily reality, we can only read one word a the time, or one page at the time… Yet, the whole book exists with all of its pages and all of its words, all at the same time.

If All of Time Exists at once in the Universe, but in our little minds and bodies, we can only perceive the words, (minutes) and the pages (days) in a sequential fashion, this doesn’t imply that at the Universal level time is not all-inclusive.

Our attention/perception needs our complete focusing, so we just focus in only one small area of “Time”. We have the “hidden” ability to un-focus on this reality, and expand our focus/perception into a greater Reality, our Expanded or Universal Consciousness.

Wherever and whenever our concentration is, our awareness is, we seem to exist in a
“Time-Bubble”. This seems to be a fact, in the sense that everybody seems to have its own perception of the passing of time. – Generally, two people experiencing the same event have a different feeling of the time it has passed during this event. It is possible that our imagination, or perhaps the grading of focus we had during the event, or the degree of enjoyment we had, has something to do with this? If we are bored or un-interested, time seems to slow down. If we are having fun, time speeds up. – So, time doesn’t seem to be a regular constant. It seems to expand and contract by the state of our own of mind and emotions. Could we call this our “Personal Time”?

And if there is a Personal Time, then, perhaps, there has to be a “Group Time? When we are all synchronized in tune with everybody else’s time, in unison? Could this time be called as being “In Harmony”?

And if there is
“Group Time”, we can go on to include more and more facets of the existence of time... It would depend where and when we are relating to others, and to everything. What can we call the greater and greater aspects of Time? The “All-Inclusive Time”, where everybody’s time is included?

We seem to be able to speed-up time, or to slow-down time… with our conscious perception.







What Lies Beyond Our Own Space-Time Continuum Video ( 28 mins)

Mystery of Time - Time Lapse & Stop Motion Photography Video. The ideas of Time & Space are explored. Scientists use a "time microscope" or a camera running at 3000 frames per second to help explain time. This film is worth it just for the fact that they film drops of milk splashing in slow motion and put dramatic music over it. 27 Minutes. Gives a glimpse of what lies beyond our own space-time continuum. The elemental concepts of the theory of relativity are demonstrated. A science film about time and space. The marvels of science provide the visible evidence of a Divine plan of creation.









Time Is an Illusion by Chris Griscom

In Time is an Illusion, spiritual healer and teacher Chris Griscom shares the insights gained by her revolutionary enlightenment techniques; techniques whose starling results were praised by one of Griscom's most famous clients, Shirley MacLaine, in Dancing in the Light and It's All in the Playing.

Griscom's remarkable discovery of energetic techniques that stimulate ancient Chinese acupuncture points on the body called "windows to the sky" has led to a revolution in spiritual healing and emotional balancing

Griscom shows that it is possible to manifest anything we want in life through clear intention; and how we can begin to transcend even death, the greatest illusion of all.

Time is an Illusion is an invaluable resource for any spiritual seeker who, like Shirley MacLaine, wants to explore the may dimensions within and "dance in the light" of his or her own being.








Is time an illusion?

The Unified Theory of the Mind

- Plato argued that time is constant - it’s life that’s the illusion.

 - Galileo shrugged over the philosophy of time and figured out how to plot it on a graph so he could get on with the important physics.

 - Albert Einstein said that time is just another dimension, a fourth one to go along with the up-down, side-side, forward-back we move through every day. Our understanding of time, Einstein said, is based on its relationship to our environment. Weirdly, the faster you travel, the slower time moves. The most radical interpretation of his theory: Past, present, and future are merely figments of our imagination, constructs built by our brains so that everything doesn’t seem to happen at once.

Einstein’s conception of unified space-time works better on graph paper than in the real world. Time isn’t like those other dimensions - for one thing, we move only one way within it. “What’s needed is not to make the notion of time and general relativity work or to go back to the notion of absolute time, but to invent something radically new,” says Lee Smolin, a physicist at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario.

Others, including famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, note that time is defined by entropy. That is, the universe, in its current expanding direction, is becoming more and more disordered- entropy is increasing and always has been since the inception of the universe, as is time. Thus, time can represented as a measure of entropy in the universe.

Somebody is going to get it right eventually. It’ll just take time.








Wrapping Time

Or: Why Time “Flows” but Space Just “Is”?


The Time/Space Dis-Continuum ???




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