James Redfield – of The Celestine Prophesy


The Energy of Plants!!!!


Learning to see energy around plants and people, feeling that the universe is an extension of your body, being guided by whatever might first come to your mind at the moment -- what if you were told these were spiritual teachings?. These and other similar ideas can be found in the best-selling book, The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. On the surface, a fictional tale of an American man who travels to Peru in search of an ancient manuscript which contains nine insights,


Other experiments show that among two sets of plants in the same conditions, those which are given 'loving attention' grow more rapidly. Redfield's question is: to what extent does the universe as a whole - since it is made up of the same particles - respond to our expectations?


Meditating with Plants that grow food...>>>


In his book, though a novel, he writes about that if people meditate with food plants, they grow bigger and healthier and yield more food than plants that are not tended with love and aided with Meditation...











A question about seeing the energy of plants...


 " As I began seeing the auras/fields, it started just that way. Then colors developed ... at least it worked that way for me. Keep practicing and watch these living creations in all environments. There is a very special place just south of here on a friends property. The trees and plants literally dance. When I visit there I'm usually very dizzy and light headed during my stay. My friends there have an alternative health practice. I was tested on the Meridian Stress Machine and it confirmed that I was responding to the energy of the place. Really cool to partake and participate there with all the ancients."












These are images that reveal something not obviously noticed

about a plant (any type of flora). Macros often reveal those secrets

but careful attention to plant development from bud to seed are

 also revealing. This is not a group simply for natural macros, many of which show what we know well - the stamens of common flowers etc...












“ The BACKSTER Effect” - Plant Perception & Sensitivity (Paranormal)

Plant perception or biocommunication may denote not only that plants are sentient - they can certainly communicate through chemical signals and have complex responses to stimuli - but that may respond to humans in a manner that amounts to ESP and that may be interpreted as experience of pain and fear.

The theory is apt to be received with contempt in scientific circles while skeptics criticize the conditions of many observations of 'plant perception' and state that, since plants lack a complex nervous-sensory system, they are not capable of having feelings or perceiving human emotions or intentions



Dr. L.G. Laurence , President of the Ecola Institure, San Bernardino Ca.

Researcher of Plant Sensitivity, with Sensor that detects when a Plant reacts to his pain from a burn to his firger…It is refered to as “ The BAXTER Effect”

Can watch a small portion of this on the Video “ Overlords of the UFO (1976)


The Secret Life of Plants – Documentary 1979 ( 10 mins Excerpt)

Secret Life Of Plants

Motown superstar Stevie Wonder provides the groovy soundtrack for this groundbreaking 1979 documentary, which uses experimental evidence to show that vegetation of all sorts has its own special kind of conscious awareness. Featuring gorgeous time-lapse photography of plants growing and blooming, the film also follows researchers as they perform eye-opening scientific experiments on ordinary cabbages and other flora.

"The Secret Life of Plants" is perhaps the best way to start learning about life.

It's a beautiful documentary but it is quite long which is sad for the valuable point it makes. I cant think of anything that could be more important.

There is much more to learn about biology, the mind and it's abilities than "just" thinking, feeling and communicating plants. This video should provide you with the necessary inspiration to start searching for other documented facts people some how forgot to share with you.

The book "The Secret Life of Plants" was written by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in 1973.

Cleave Baxter wasn't credit for it, he actually did the work for the book and he came up with a lot of the current knowledge in lie detectors.

Some other interesting things he did which he couldn't report all of it, but was involved with people and what he did was took a mouthwash and took white blood cells from a persons mouth, and put that in a solution with electrodes so he got contact with them and monitored on a lie detector machine (EEG) readings from this white blood cell. At the same time put a traveling video camera on the person that they came from. Any time that something happened—this was a little bit different, Ill explain this one. Any time something happened to that person that was emotionally stimulating whether it be fearful or on the other end of the spectrum, loving, it responded. It didn't matter how far away the person was either.


Plant Perception (a.k.a. the Backster effect)









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