Biophotons & Biophotonics





An Institute of Technology, is exploring the novel technique to visualize biological information in living organisms through” Biophotonic Technology”.



Biophoton Image of Human Hand




Cumulative intensity of biophotons for 18 hours.



Biophotons & Biophotonics

Humans Emit Biophotons – “The Light Of Our Cells”

By Marco Bischof

Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum - in other words: light. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment developed by German researchers.

This light emission is an expression of the functional state of the living organism and its measurement therefore can be used to assess this state. Cancer cells and healthy cells of the same type, for instance, can be discriminated by typical differences in biophoton emission. After an initial decade and a half of basic research on this discovery, biophysicists of various European and Asian countries are now exploring the many interesting applications which range across such diverse fields as cancer research, non-invasive early medical diagnosis, food and water quality testing, chemical and electromagnetic contamination testing, cell communication, and various applications in biotechnology.

History of Biophoton Emissions

First discovered in 1923 by Russian medical scientist Professor Alexander G.Gurvich (who named them "mitogenetic rays") and in the 1930s widely researched in Europe and the USA, biophotons have been rediscovered and backed since the 1970s by ample experimental and theoretical evidence by European scientists. In 1974 German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp has proved their existence, their origin from the DNA and later their coherence (laser-like nature), and has developed biophoton theory to explain their possible biological role and the ways in which they may control biochemical processes, growth, differentiation etc. Popp's biophoton theory leads to many startling insights into the life processes and may well provide one of the major elements of a future theory of life and holistic medical practice based on such an approach. The importance of the discovery has been confirmed by eminent scientists such as Herbert Froehlich and Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine. Since 1992, the International Institute of Biophysics, a network of research laboratories in more than 10 countries, based in Germany, is coordinating research in this field which promises rapid development in the next decade.

Biophoton Theory

According to the biophoton theory developed on the base of these discoveries the biophoton light is stored in the cells of the organism - more precisely, in the DNA molecules of their nuclei - and a dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed by the DNA may connect cell organelles, cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serve as the organism's main communication network and as the principal regulating instance for all life processes. The processes of morphogenesis, growth, differentiation and regeneration are also explained by the structuring and regulating activity of the coherent biophoton field. The holographic biophoton field of the brain and the nervous system, and maybe even that of the whole organism, may also be basis of memory and other phenomena of consciousness, as postulated by neurophysiologist Karl Pribram an others. The consciousness-like coherence properties of the biophoton field are closely related to its base in the properties of the physical vacuum and indicate its possible role as an interface to the non-physical realms of mind, psyche and consciousness.

Biophotons: Support for Unconventional Healing Methods?

The discovery of biophoton emission also lends scientific support to some unconventional methods of healing based on concepts of homeostasis (self-regulation of the organism), such as various somatic therapies, homeopathy and acupuncture. The "ch'i" energy flowing in our bodies' energy channels (meridians) which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine regulates our body functions may be related to node lines of the organism's biophoton field. The "prana" of Indian Yoga physiology may be a similar regulating energy force that has a basis in weak, coherent electromagnetic biofields.

Other related Subjects:


  • - Anatomic characterization of human ultra-weak photon emission in practitioners of transcendental meditation(TM) and control subjects.
    - Anatomic characterization of human ultra-weak photon emission with a moveable photomultiplier and CCD imaging
    - Fingernails release the most light, according to a recent study that found all parts of the hand emit detectable levels of light.
    - Ultra-weak photon emission from human hand: Influence of temperature and oxygen concentration on emission






Johan Boswinkel - Biophoton Light Therapy

by A few words about Biontology and the institute.

The Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Johan Boswinkel who has been working with biophotons since 1982 founded the Academy in The Netherlands as part of the Health Angel Foundation. He discovered the language of light after scientists had discovered the individual letters of this language (Biophotons). He realized that when you speak this language, you could communicate with all that lives. His experiences with over 25.000 patients have made him the worldwide expert in the language of light, or biophotons. He started the Academy to teach others this language. His methods of reading and correcting the light are now being used all over the world. Already hundreds of therapists are practicing with this exceptional method. The Academy offers the Biophoton therapy (BPT) training which is part of the Bachelor study Applied Biophoton Health Sciences, as well as a study towards a Masters degree in Integrated Health Sciences.


Biophoton Therapy - Johan Boswinkel Interview  Pt1 (  9 mins)

Using an instrument that detects biphotons and corrects incoherent light patterns in the body, Johan Boswinkel has helped thousands of people banish serious diseases and troublesome ailments. Recently featured in Ode Magazine, Johan is receiving international acclaim for his work. Here I interview him about Biophoton therapy and in the remaining parts of the video receive a treatment with the Chiren instrument. For the rest of this interview go to thriveandenjoy .co .uk






The Science of Bio-Photons Part 1 of 2 (14:30 mins)

The Science of Bio-Photon Part 2/2 (8 mins)

Science & Spirituality: Living Light: Biophotons and the Human Body - Part 1 ( 22mins)

- With Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, of the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany

- Dr. Lipton states that w new technology “Genes” are not deterministic, but that actually “Potentials” and that they are unlimited !!!
- Morphogenetic Fields ??>?

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