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Hubble Space Telescope

Extraordinary. Stunning. Fabulous. Dramatic. Amazing. Unprecedented. Exciting. Magnificent. Phenomenal. Awesome. Electrifying. Breathtaking.;;;  Pick a superlative and it has been used by people around the world to describe the beautiful images of objects in deep space recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble rode space shuttle Discovery up to space some 400 miles above Earth in 1990. From there, it has sent down extraordinary views of faraway places to excited astronomers on the ground. The stunning images have revealed the birth, death, and misfortunes of stars as well as a treasure trove of details about our planet neighbors in the Solar System. Through Hubble's eye we have watched vast sand dunes appear as the Martian polar ice cap melts away through summer. We've observed Neptune swept by giant hurricanes and Saturn twirling inside its delicate girdle of rings.

Hubble has allowed scientists to calculate the ages of star clusters far beyond our own galaxy and even an age for the entire Universe itself 12 to 16 billion years. Awesome Hubble images of nebulae, emerging stars, and other celestial phenomena have shown us the magical wonder of deep space. Hubble has allowed us to look in on star formation in the Keyhole Nebula and the Eagle Nebula, which has been called the cradle of creation for new stars. And then there is the breathtaking view of millions of stars at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy.


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Variable star V838 Monocerotis near our Milky Way Galaxy

Lagoon Nebula

Herbig-Haro object HH 32


The Super-Massive Star Eta Carinae

Cygnus Loop nebula

Cartwheel Galaxy

Eagle Nebula


Spiral Galaxy NGC 7742

Cat's Eye Nebula

Stingray Nebula

Supernova NGC 6826's

Super Nova NGC 7027

Bipolar Planetary Nebula M2-9

Hour Glass Nebula

Matter Flows Between NGC 1410 and NGC 1409

Spiral Galaxy NGC 4603 in the Centaurus Cluster

Nebula NGC 604

Ring Nebula

Turtle NGC 6210

Pinwheel Nebula NGC 5307

The edge of the observable Universe

Hickson Compact Group 87 Galaxies

Hubble Deep Field South

Black Hole in Circinus Dwarf Galaxy

Southern Ring nebula, NGC 3132

Butterfly Nebula

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1512

Whirlpool Galaxy M51 NGC 5194


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Science - Deep Space Images Videos








Parallel Universes, Galaxies, Stars, Planets and Black Energy ( 1 Hr:03 mins)


Images With Music from album: The Sounds of Heaven - Rafael Brom on iTunes






The Magnificent Universe -  The Paradigm Shift ( 3 Mins)


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The Detailed Universe: This will Blow Your Mind ( 4 mins)









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