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"Humanity is consciousness sharing a dream. I think these beings know that."



“We’ve learned that for the most part,

humans are asleep and their connection to the cosmos has been severed …”





Betty and Barney Hill – UFO Abduction Case






Betty Hill’s Star Map In 1964, under hypnosis, Betty drew the "Star Map"


of nearby sunlike stars and found a possible match to Betty's star map.





Betty and Barney Hill – The UFO Abduction Experiences Sept. 1961
Betty and Barney Hill were an American couple who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials on September 19–20, 1961. - The couple's story, called the Hill Abduction, and occasionally the Zeta Reticuli Incident, was that they had been kidnapped for a short time by a UFO. Theirs was the first widely-publicized claim of alien abduction, adapted into the best-selling 1966 book The Interrupted Journey and the 1975 television movie The UFO Incident.
Its importance is such that many of Betty Hill's notes, tapes and other items have been placed in a permanent collection at the University of New Hampshire, her alma mater. As of July 2011, the site of the alleged abduction is marked by a state historical marker….
Betty And Barney Hill's Alien Abduction: New Film To Detail First Widely Reported UFO Kidnapping at


 This abduction was revealed and came to light during hypnotic regression sessions:
The Story: - Article…
 …. After dodging reporters, and doing some research on psychiatrists, the Hills made a decision to contact well-known Boston psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Benjamin Simon, who was one of the most respected doctors in his field.
After a couple of initial interviews, Dr. Simon's preliminary diagnosis was "anxiety syndrome," relating to the incidents of the night of September 19, 1961. His next step was to find out what those events were…..
The method of treatment that Dr. Simon chose for the Hills was regressive hypnosis, which was meant to get to the source of their problem, whatever that may have been. He began the sessions on Barney, and then followed up with the same treatment for Betty.
The process was slow, but after six months, it was Dr. Simon's expert opinion that the Hills had been abducted, and taken aboard an unknown flying craft on the night in question.
Anyone who is deeply interested in these sessions, can see transcripts of them in an excellent book on the entire Hill story, "The Interrupted Journey," written by award-winning investigative author John G. Fuller. The Hills' story was also included in a two-part article in "Look" magazine, and a movie, "The UFO Incident," a made-for-TV production. The movie was released in 1976, and starred Estelle Parsons as Betty, and James Earl Jones as Barney…..>>>
The White Mountain Abduction Documentary Part 1 of 2 ( 9 mins)

Betty and Barney Hill Abduction 21 September 1961
Books by John G Fuller The Interupted Journey and Captured by Kathy Marden and Stanton Friedman


The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part part 1 of 10 (  10 mins)


Legendary abductee Betty Hill is interviewed by New England folklorist John Horrigan in October of 1999. This interview, conducted at Betty's home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was thought to be lost to posterity until Horrigan discovered the tape in his attic in October of 2009.

For more information on this event, considered by many to be the first publicized alien abduction, see the entry here:

In this segment, Betty describes her alleged encounter with extraterrestrials (along with her husband Barney) on the evening of September 19th-20th, 1961.


Barney Hill Hypnosis - Complete  ( 40 mins)


Dr. Benjamin Simon began hypnotizing the Hills on January 4, 1964. He hypnotized Betty and Barney several times each, and the sessions lasted until June 6, 1964. Simon conducted the sessions on Barney and Betty separately, so they could not overhear one another's recollections. At the end of each session he reinstated amnesia.











The UFO Incident (TV 1975)  (Full Movie  1 Hr: 32 mins)


Through memory flashbacks accessed by hypnotic regression, this made for TV movie from Universal depicts the alleged UFO abduction of biracial couple Betty(Estelle Parsons) and Barney Hill(James Earl Jones) on September 19, 1961 in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Upon returning from a trip into Canada, Betty (a social services worker in Portsmouth, New Hampshire) and Barney (a postal employee in Boston) are plagued by crippling anxiety and nightmarish visions. Turning to Psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon(Barnard Hughes) for help in piecing together the happenings of that night, the Hills enter into therapy and independently relate a most unearthly tale. Based on the book The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller.





New Movie:


Alien Abduction: The Odyssey of Betty and Barney Hill  (2013)


We have all heard incredible UFO and Alien Abduction stories that edge toward the unreal but none with more impact than the Betty and Barney Hill encounter that became a world wide story in 1961 with the book "The Interrupted Journey," massive media coverage, and then a 1975 TV movie, "The UFO Incident." But the complete story of what really happened that night, its effect on the Hills, and the findings of investigators has never been told...until now. For the first time, this documentary reveals new information about the lives of the Hills before and after Barney's death in 1969, their status as celebrities, Betty's experiences as a UFO investigator, and more. Kathleen Marden, Betty Hill's niece, shares details from her discussions with Betty and from the evidence of the UFO abduction. She also looks at the Hills' riveting hypnosis sessions about their time on board the spacecraft. The transcripts of these sessions provide insight into the character of the aliens, including their curiosity, their democratic discussions, and their desire to avoid inflicting pain. Join Kathleen along with Physicist, and Ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident, who reviews and refutes the arguments of those who have attacked the Hill case, including the star map Betty Hill saw inside the craft and later recreated. A fascinating journey into the UFO enigma, Alien Abduction: The Odyssey of Betty and Barney Hill is a testament that we are not alone.



Kathleen Marden - Nice



Book: “Captured!” by Kathleen Marden



Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction, 1961 ( 6 mins)
 - Book “Captured!” by Kathleen Marden –








Now, for the first time ever, you'll hear Betty and Barney relive their abduction "In Their Own Words." Their niece presents the Hills' harrowing story as told to Dr. Benjamin Simon, the Boston psychiatrist who hypnotized them separately over a six month period in 1964. The audio recordings have been digitally enhanced for improved sound quality and edited to remove audio artifacts. The program includes dozens of photos from the Hills' family archives, including shots taken from the actual site of their close encounter and abduction. (132 min. DVD) 






UFO Hunters - Alien Abductions (Full movie) ( 44 mins)


UFO Hunters - Alien Abductions. Alien abduction is a common and highly documented phenomenon. Objects implanted in people's bodies could be a proof of the abductions. The UFO Hunters will document and remove an alien implant from an abductee's body.

Cases include:

  • • The Betty & Barney Hill abduction - As they traveled along a lonely road in rural New Hampshire on September 19, 1961, they were abducted, examined and returned to their car by their captors.
    • Tim Cullen of Yuma, AZ has had 3 separate encounters with alien craft in the Yuma area since 1978.
    • Jef Harvey, believes he was abducted by aliens and was implanted with a device by the aliens, we will tell his story and film the surgery to remove the implant. We will then follow up the surgery by taking the item to be tested by our team and experts.



Whitley Strieber







 ET Books by Whitley Strieber


Communion and "The Visitors",  and many other books...


On December 26, 1985, Strieber reportedly was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York by non-human beings. He wrote about these experiences in his first non-fiction book, Communion (1987).


Although the book is perceived generally as an account of alien abduction, Strieber draws no conclusions about the identity of alleged abductors. He refers to the beings as "the visitors," a name chosen to be as neutral as possible to entertain the possibility that they are not extraterrestrials and may instead exist in his mind. He has repeatedly expressed his frustration with what he feels are fantastic claims attributed incorrectly to him.




Whitley Strieber on Larry King Live September 21, 1990 - PART I  ( 10 mins)

Whitley Strieber appeared with Howard Blum, author of Out There, a book about MJ-12 which Strieber wrote the forward to.


Whitley Strieber on Larry King Live September 21, 1990 - PART II   (  10 mins)


Solving the Communion Enigma by Whitley Strieber  ( 3 mins)


Whitley Strieber's Communion Enigma. His first nonfiction about his close encounter experience in 14 years. Powerful new revelations. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell says "Don't miss it!"


There are several Radio Interviews in Youtube>>>








The Allagash Waterway Abduction - 1976


The witnesses said the incident started on August 20, 1976, when four men, all in their early-twenties, ventured on a camping trip into the wilderness near Allagash, Maine.[1] The group consisted of twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, their friend Charlie Foltz, and their guide, Chuck Rak.

They say their first day went by without incident. However, on their second night, they noticed a bright light not far from their campsite which they first passed off as being a helicopter or weather balloon, but later noticed it displayed a strange quality of light. Suddenly, the object imploded and disappeared. The following day went by without incident, as the first. The men were unlucky in their fishing so they decided to try it at night. They set camp on the shore of Eagle Lake on August 20. As darkness settled, the men built a blazing campfire which they expected to burn for several hours to be used as a beacon for their campsite while out on the lake. They then headed out in a canoe.

After a short time, Rak noticed the bright light they had seen two nights before in the distance above the tree line. He called the others' attention to it. They watched the object intently and noticed it appeared to be much larger this time and made no sound. Foltz grabbed a flashlight and began flashing an SOS.

Suddenly, a bright beam of light shot out from the bottom of the craft and it quickly made its way towards the men. All men, minus Rak, began to paddle furiously back towards shore. Rak seemed entranced by the object as it closed in on them. Suddenly, the light enveloped the canoe and the four men.

The next thing the men knew, they were back on shore at their campsite. They stood at the edge of the water and stared blankly at the craft, which was hovering no more than a few dozen feet from them. After watching for several minutes, the craft suddenly imploded, as it had done two nights previous, and reappeared over the treetops on the other side of the lake. It then shot upwards into the sky. ...


UFO_The Allagash Incident Part 1 of 2  ( 9 mins)


UFO_The Allagash Incident Part 2 of 2  ( 5mins)



Travis Walton




Travis Walton – Book = Movie “Fire in the Sky”

Fire in the Sky is a 1993 film based on an alleged extraterrestrial encounter, directed by Robert Lieberman, and written by Tracy Tormé based on Travis Walton's book The Walton Experience. The film stars Robert Patrick in the leading role as Walton's best friend and future brother-in-law, Mike Rogers, and D. B. Sweeney as Walton himself. James Garner, Craig Sheffer, Scott MacDonald, Henry Thomas, and Peter Berg also star.

On November 5, 1975 near Snowflake, Arizona, logger Travis Walton (D. B. Sweeney), becomes the victim of an alien abduction. Walton and his co-workers—Mike Rogers (Robert Patrick), Allan Dallis (Craig Sheffer), David Whitlock (Peter Berg), Greg Hayes (Henry Thomas) and Bobby Cogdill (Bradley Gregg); are engaged in forestry operations under a business contract to clear a wilderness area….



Australia Cases


Covers the Kelly Cahill Abduction




 UFO – Encounters and Alien Abductions in Australia – Part 1/3 ( 7mins)
About people of Australia who have been abducted
UFO - Encounters and Alien Abductions in Australia – Part 2/3 (8 mins)
UFO – Encounters and Alien Abductions in Australia – Part 3/3 (8 mins)



Brigitte Barclay - UK




She has worked with -

Budd Hopkins;

Dr. John  Mack, MD –

& Dolores Cannon





ET Visitation and Experiences by Brigitte Barclay, UK ( 1 Hr : 07 mins)


Brigitte Barclay presented "Visitation & Experiences" on Sunday 7th August, 2011 at the 3rd Annual British Exopolitics Expo held at the University of Leeds.


Brigitte Barcley has had a lifetime of UFO sightings and close encounters, starting in childhood and continuing to this day. In a joint presentation with former Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope, she will detail some of her extraordinary experiences. The UFO sightings include a close-up, daylight encounter with a large, metallic disc-shaped craft, seen at close range in Los Angeles and witnessed by her friend. This craft was being pursued or escorted by several unmarked helicopters. Brigitte's alien abduction experiences include many factors typically reported by abductees, including screen memories, child presentations and passing through solid objects. She has also encountered what might be described as Men in Black. Brigitte has only given one previous public talk, at Graham Birdsall's 2001 conference. In this completely updated presentation, she will speak openly about her experiences and their wider implications.


Brigitte Barclay  - The Encounters

These are five of a total of thirty five of my close encounters to date. I will be adding my other encounters in due time.



 Simon Parkes - Contactee




Ammach Witness Simon Parkes



Contactee Simon Parkes - Part 1  ( 1 Hr.: 02 mins)


Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians.


 In Part 1 of this highly detailed interview on Mantis Alien contactee Simon Parkes, we discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings.

These AMMACH Witness statements are personal statements by the witnesses. The AMMACH project provides this platform for the high level researcher, and must be viewed in that context.


Contactee Simon Parkes -  Part 2  ( 1 Hr: 02 mins)


In Part 2 of this highly detailed interview Simon Parkes continues to discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings.


Contactee Simon Parkes -  Part 3  ( 1 Hr: 02 mins)


Continues with Win Keech in Part 3, and a regression in Part 4.


Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians.


Interviewed by Joanne Summerscales, off camera questions by Miles Johnston of the AMMACH Project. AMMACH is dedicated to highlighting contactee, abduction and Mind Control issues in the British Isles.


Contactee Simon Parkes -  Part 4  ( 1 Hr: 02 mins)


Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. In Simon's final 4th part, of the Witness Statements series from the AMMACH Contactees group, Joanne takes Simon on a Regression session. In this complete regression Simon enters into a relaxed state and allows us into further levels of his contact with Mantis extra-dimensional beings. Filmed on location by Miles Johnston in Simon's Whitby north east Yorkshire home, on July 31st 2011. As with underground video uk's Bases series this is designed for the advanced experiencer and researcher.


Simon Parkes - Alien Contactee ( 12 mins)


Aliens can enter your mind.


Labour Party councillor for Whitby, married father-of-three Simon Parkes, describes his contacts with aliens. He describes how he lost his virginity to an alien hologram and how he has a relationship with an alien called Lion Lady who looks like the woman from the Fry's Turkish Delight advert. - Holographic contact with alien in womb.


Ammach Witness Simon Parkes PSTVedit  ( 1 Hr.: 40  mins)


ReUpload of Ammach Witness:- Simon Parkes describes his detailed relations with DJINN or some say ET beings, also known as Mantis or Mantid aliens. Interviewed for the AMMACH project, Simon gave a presentation at the first AMMACH Conference held in Nottingham late 2012 




Terrestrial Extras



Jim O’Connell – Founder of Xperiencers


Jim O’Connell’s extraordinary experiences began with a daylight sighting of a flying disc that hovered in close proximity to his childhood home in Clinton, Connecticut.


Years later, Jim began to experience episodes of missing time (the passage of time without a recollection of where one was, or what one was doing) accompanied by fleeting memories of being taken from his bed to somewhere else.


Soon Jim began to recall bits and pieces of what seemed to be alien encounters. He realized that these experiences had been happening for years. Soon after this realization, they increased in activity.


Jim’s encounters have expanded to include face-to-face alien contact during midday hours and in heavily populated areas – forcing Jim to realize these otherworldly beings can and do walk amongst us at any time and in any place.


During one of his encounters, Jim believes he was given an implant that facilitates communication with the beings, and may even guide Jim towards significant moments in his life.


These beings gave Jim a clear message to “seek out others like yourself and then look within.”


And so, for twenty years, Jim has worked behind the scenes, helping those who sought him out, with kindness, compassion and unwavering protection.


Jim's Encounter Bio (4 mins )


Stories of alien encounters and the mysteries that surround them.   


Terrestrial Extras 


Screenwriter Jim O'Connell takes us on a journey unlike any other, when he leads us along the path of extraterrestrial encounters that have guided his life. This life path is strewn with sightings, close encounters, synchronicities, miraculous connections and total mysteries.
Sharing Jim's alien excursion is wife Terry who has become a witness to Jim's otherworldly odyssey. Her memories paint a broader picture of the alien experiences when coupled with Jim's post contact visions.

Unlike all other alien encounter stories, this tale is one of wonder, amazement, miracle and mystery that include family, friends and sometimes even unwitting strangers.
Twisting this strange life story further are the extraterrestrial messages that seem to blur the lines between angels and aliens and have Jim and Terry rethinking all they believe to be true.

These stories build a framework that supports the idea that many people involved in alien contact are playing a small role in the background of everyday life to help introduce the world to our brothers from the stars.
Those people are the TERRESTRIAL EXTRAS.







UFO Files - Season 3 Episode 13 –   "Alien Encounters" ( 45 mins)


An examination of what ufology calls "trace cases", where physical material from a strange encounter is analyzed to determine if it is evidence of an alien contact.







UFO Alien Abductions Documentary History Channel (1 of 5) ( 9:49 mins)

UFO Alien Abductions Documentary History Channel UFOs 2010






Are you Experienced? Life after alien encounters: Interview with The Xperiencers Project   (  1 Hr. :  42 mins)



Special 2 hour presentation with the team of Xperiencers Project
Guests: Jim O'Connell , Christina Knowles, Bobby Ledford, & Janet Ingham, the CREW of The Xperiencers Project

"The Xperiencers Team is comprised of people involved in life-long encounters who've begun following alien clues that seem to be leading them on some sort of cosmic scavenger-hunt for the keys to this extraterrestrial phenomenon." ~ Jim O'Connell

This show is dedicated to all of humanity, and though this may not be everyone, I am certain that the Xperiencers bring an important piece to the puzzle, one that indeed applies to a most miraculous global awakening called The Quantum Leap! Enjoy the show! ~ Host, Roxy Lopez

• Talking points as follows:

• What is an experiencer?
• Discuss the Xperiencers research team.
• What brought each of us to this work?
• What do we want from this work?
• The Xperiencers television project.
• The John E. Mack Institute's affiliation with the Project
• Sample case studies.
• How the Xperiencers project is different from other UFO projects.
• Where Xperiencers fits with other research groups.

Alien Encounters Documented! -


Xperiencers is a collaboration between Jim O’Connell’s X Marks the Spot Entertainment and the John E. Mack Institute.


Subject: Xperiencers Project Website :






UFO Contactee Documentary - Experiences, Channeling and Alien Races -Part 1 of ? ( mins)

UFO contactee Documentary-experiences, channeling and alien races-Part 1, Ascension, channeling, automatic writing.

UFO contactee Kalevi Riikonen talks about his experience channeling and alien races.








Abductions, Hybrids & Military Bases  ( 1Hr. : 21  mins)

 Radio Interview with George Noory and...


 - Kim Carlsberg ( Abductee)

 - Travis Walton  ( Abductee)

 - Robert Miles  - Hawaii - Fastwalkers - ( Contactee)

 - Miriam Delicado ( Contactee)




Kim Carlsberg -

 Contactee / Abductee



Book " Beyond my Wildest Dreams"



Kim Carlsberg - Contactee -Abductee -

The many types of ETs


Interview with Kim Carlsberg

- by Regina, at CMN




Kim Carlsberg - Conscious Alien Abductions

Kim Carlsberg became a UFO researcher in 1998 and has since been in constant demand for television and radio programs, and public speaking engagements. Her story and reputation, as quoted by Jonathan Frakes ("Number One" on Star Trek and host for Paranormal Borderline), "Kim Carlsberg is the most credible to date!". Kim is considered on the top experts and consultants in the UFO field. A twice-published author, Kim's first book "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" diary of a UFO abductee was optioned by Tri-Star pictures for a major motion picture. 


Artist and photographer Kim Carlsberg discussed her first conscious alien abduction, the nature of the extraterrestrials who took her, the hybrid children resulting from the abductions, and the military bases where she was taken. Her experiences began in 1988 with a vivid UFO sighting in Malibu. Her first abduction followed, where she found herself paralyzed inside an elevator, and receiving telepathic information. She was taken into a huge room with hundreds of tables, with unconscious human beings on them. She described the aliens who were conducting tests as looking like "anorexic Pillsbury Doughboys,"-- about 3 and a half feet tall with big heads, and big eyes.

The aliens have been extracting human DNA to create hybrids, Carlsberg explained. "I believe some of them [the hybrids] are already here...I've met many of my hybrid children and they are exceptional beings. They are so superior to the greys and the humans in so many ways, because they've got the best of both worlds," she revealed. While some abductions can be brutal and frightening, she believes the ETs are here to help us evolve. She also described military involvement in some of her abductions, as well as experiencing disturbing military interrogations after some of her ET encounters.

During the third hour, three special guests whose stories are featured in Carlsberg's book, The Art of Close Encounters, spoke about their personal experiences. First, Travis Walton shared his account of his UFO abduction in 1975. He speculated that the beam of light that hit him from the UFO caused a neurological disruption that may have prevented the aliens from initially controlling him. Next, Robert Miles detailed his positive encounter with a beautiful woman who emerged from a UFO in Hawaii. She assisted him in teleporting to an alternate reality LaGuardia Airport where he purchased a ticket for a flight to Jupiter, he recalled. Miriam Delicado talked about how her ET contacts led her on a transformative personal journey related to prophecy and earth changes.


Speaker at the UFO CON 2012




Kim's first book, "Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Diary of a UFO Abductee" was a created from 8 years of continuous contact with non-human entities.

Her new book, "The Art Of Close Encounters", a hard bound, fine-art coffee table book, consisting of 150 beautifully illustrated stories of individual contact is available exclusively at .


 Ivonne R. Smith - Regrationist



 - The Story of Dalton Bagby (?) -"Paradigm Shift"


Preview of Interview with Kim Carlsberg - CMN  ( 3 mins)


The subject of alien abduction is presented in an interview with Kim Carlsberg who has two books on the subject, one being her own story and the other a coffee table style book of collected experiences from others around the world. Watch the full interview at



Miriam Delicado -  Contactee


, Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy



Author Miriam Delicado has written the quintessential book on the connection between 'Tall Blond' Aliens, The End Times and Hopi prophecy. –

Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy details her Alien experiences and knowledge.




Miriam Delicado  >>?>>


Alien Abduction Experience while on a road trip in 1988.


Miriam Delicado, author of 'Blue Star,' is a middle-aged woman that has always had an array of abilities and sensitivities. She is able to heal, predict earthquakes, connect with crossed-over spirits and astral travel. She also has psychic ability and gets premonitions. Her first memory is of being a baby and feeling the frustration of not being able to communicate with others.Her life story encompasses much that is strange. She was first contacted by Aliens while a baby and was abducted for the first time at age four. These particular events were not in her consciousness until much later in her life.

The trigger that brought these occurrences back into her consciousness was an Alien abduction experience while on a road trip in 1988. Her journey leads her to The Four Corners Area of the southwestern United States. Since that time there have been many other encounters with 'Tall Blond' Aliens. The relationship that developed between Miriam and the Aliens became one of Teacher-Student and finally culminated into that of Emissary. As a direct request from the 'Tall Blonds', and to fulfill the role of Emissary, she has written 'Blue Star - Fulfilling Prophecy'. In this book Miriam recounts her experiences with the Aliens, her travels to the Alien 'Safe Lands', her meetings with Hopi elders and the connections with indigenous peoples prophecies. She also shares the Alien's history of Man's creation and their involvement with Earth and 'The End Times'.



Miriam Delicado - UFO/ET Contactee Experience Aug. 1988

Author Miriam Delicado has no reason to doubt NASA astronaut Ed Mitchell’s recent claims about the existence of alien life. After all, in 1988, she herself was led aboard a UFO walking hand in hand with the aliens.

During the ensuing three hours Miriam spent with Tall Blond Humanoid Aliens, the beings shared with her information regarding who they were as well as giving her warnings about our future as a planet.

All of Delicado’s Memories are Conscious ones. Some years after her abduction, Delicado discovered that the messages the aliens had given her paralleled the Hopi Prophecies. She also realized that the language the aliens spoke to her in, telepathically, was Hopi.

Not certain what to do with the information she had received, Delicado did not speak publicly about her extra-ordinary experiences until 2003 when the beings, who had remained in contact with her told her ‘Now is the time to come forward and share the information with the world’.

Delicado decided that one way to do as the aliens requested was to detail her experiences in a book titled, Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy. The book recounts her 1988 abduction and follows through to her subsequent contact with the aliens. She has also spoken at various venues. When she speaks, people listen as hers is truly a fascinating story.

“I was pleased to hear that Ed Mitchell had spoken so openly about his own views on aliens. On behalf of all alien contact persons, we are grateful for Ed Mitchell’s courage to come forward.” said Delicado. “In correlation with the messages I am currently receiving, now is the time for all of those people like myself to come forward so the world can hear the messages from us all. This is what we have been waiting for. We are in a world of change and Ed Mitchell coming forward shows that we, as the human race, must come to the understanding that we are not alone, and it is not only our daily lives that are affected. It is the rest of the world as well as other worlds.”


“Knowing we are not alone helps us to remember

 who we are.”

Project Camelot interviews – Miriam Delicado - Miriam Blue Star: UFO/ET Contactee  ( 1Hr: 44 mins)



 Jim Sparks -

Alien Abductee



 Jim Sparks at Intl. UFO Congress


Book: "The Keepers"




Alien Interactions with Humans: Alien Abductee Jim Sparks  (  mins)

Radio Interview with George Noory


Interview starts at :  mins>??


Alien Abductee Jim Sparks shared more of his experiences with the Grays. Unlike many other abductees, he says he has 95% conscious recall of these events which occurred to him frequently over an 18-year period. The 4.5 - 5ft. tall Grays, as opposed to the shorter bio-robotic types involved in abductions, are able to think up to 100 times faster than humans, and exclusively communicate using telepathy, he said.

Though they appear to have no emotions, the Grays actually have "long-term" feelings rather than immediate reactions, and while they don't have names, they radiate different types of energy that signal their rank, he detailed. Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe joined in for part of the conversation, and she and Sparks discussed his contention that the aliens can exist in other dimensions, and are able to project themselves into our reality in varying increments.

As he moved from a path of resistance to cooperation over the years, he received various rewards from the Grays for complying, such as being "bathed in euphoria." Interestingly, he said that alien implants are beamed into humans via a set of instructions and built from elements that already exist inside the human body. This requires no incision, and there's no problem with the body rejecting the implant.



My UFO Sighting by ???


 Abductions>>?>  Docmt +++









Open Minds Magazine - August-September Issue 2010 - Article

Cover story: Special Issue: Alien Abductions: One of the most important mysteries of our time!.







Alien Contact - SETI - What would happen if an Alien Message would be Heard - Documentary ( 44 mins)

UFO - The S.E.T.I. Centre. The documentary shows what would happen if an alien message would be heard. S.E.T.I. is an acronym: Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. This institute, proposed by Frank Drake in 1960 -still one of its directors- was born officially in 1974. Scientific, private and non-profit organization is headquartered in Mountain View, California.






The 6 Most Famous Alien Abductions






More Alien Contactees at our N. A. Webpage:










Alien Implants>???







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ET Encounters - Abduction & Regressions

- The Researchers and Regretionists




Dr. John  Mack, MD –

Harvard Psychiatrist




“Touched”- Alien Abduction and the Extreme Experience Research

of Dr. John Mack (2008)




John Edward Mack, M.D. (October 4, 1929–September 27, 2004)
He was an American psychiatrist, writer, and
professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.

When Harvard psychiatrist John Mack approached filmmaker Laurel Chiten (Twist & Shout, The Jew in the Lotus, Twisted) asking her to make a movie about encounters with aliens, she thought he was crazy. But after meeting some of the so-called "experiencers" she was intruiged; they seemed rather normal and spoke about feelings of connection and longing for these uninvited intruders to return. She had stumbled into a world filled by people who had been touched by something ... and had their lives blown apart because of it.
"Touched" - ET Encounters - featuring Dr. John Mack, MD – Harvard Psych. ( 1Hr: 15 mins)


Rare Dr John Mack TV Appearance Part: 1   ( 14 mins)


This is an appearance by the late Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard Psychiatrist
Dr John Mack on Oprah Winfrey's chat show from the 90's.  They are discussing the topic of Alien Abduction along with experiencers of the phenomenon.





Alien Abduction” Touched” - Documentary ( 1Hr:14 mins)

Touched offers a uniquely contemplative perspective on the alien abduction phenomenon [and] presents the 'experiencers' and their stories with sensitivity and without judgement.

Touched shone as a piece of filmmaking... I'd recommend the film highly, if one wants to hear human stories about seemingly normal, yet torn people, and the people in their lives. I'd also recommend it as a superb piece of documentary filmmaking... Ms Chiten is to be commended for her artistry.

Chiten's masterful accomplishment combines great tenderness towards the 'experiencers' with rigorous questioning. It's a mind-expanding journey that will ignite any classroom debate."
—Eleanor Nichols Director, Sonoma Film Institute, Sonoma State University

Touched opens up questions about the complexity of human psychological experience, human relationships, and scientific investigation. It does all this with sensitivity, humor, and impressive cinematic flair. Highly recommended for a lively classroom discussion."
—Anne Harrington, Ph.D., History of Science, Harvard University






Experiencers - A Documentary ( 52 mins)


Alien spacecraft lands in ariel school. over 60 children lives to tell about it.
There is no way this can be a hoax. Children tells about the aliens. This is Real.

 - Interviews with other Experiencers telling what happened to them.




Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D.



Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D.

Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D. (1955-2013), a student of Dr. John Mack, earned his doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. He was the founder and director of Divine Spark, a California-based nonprofit dedicated to helping people through free meals and other means to activate the divine spark within each of them.He lives in Nevada City, California. 


A rigorous scientific investigation into the veracity of accounts of travel to other planets, moons, and stars

• Includes interviews with 7 people who have had extra-planetary experiences, including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Norma Milanovich, and Ingo Swann

• Reveals the positive effects of these events on the interviewees’ lives, from cosmic consciousness and loss of fear of death to enhanced spiritual insights

• Analyzes the similarities of these accounts with 19th- and 20th-century reports as well as alien-human encounters in ancient Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, Tibetan, and biblical records

• Exposes the failings of classic debunking arguments against alien-human contact

Since prehistoric times all cultures report encounters with strange beings and crafts from the sky as well as stories of extra-planetary experiences—that is, travel to other planets, moons, and stars. In the case of modern accounts, these benevolent alien-human interactions bear striking resemblance to one another, even among people with no knowledge of other alien-human claims. And all experiences marked a spiritual turning point in the person’s life, providing a loss of the fear of death, enhanced spiritual insights, a connection to cosmic consciousness, or increased motivation to be of service to humanity.

Exploring the veracity of ET contact and extra-planetary experience (XPE) using rigorous scientific protocols, Thomas Streicher interviews seven renowned people who have experienced XPE, including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Norma Milanovich, and Stanford-tested remote viewer Ingo Swann, and shares the positive spiritual effects of XPE on their lives. Analyzing historical accounts of alien-human encounters from ancient Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, Tibetan, Hopi, Dogon, and biblical records as well as 19th- and 20th-century testimonies of ET contact from Orfeo Angelucci, Billy Meier, Elizabeth Klarer, and others, the author reveals the similarities of these experiences with those of his interviewees. Exposing the failings of classic debunking arguments against ET contact, Streicher shows these experiences are not contrived hallucinations but genuine transformative spiritual awakenings akin to near-death and out-of-body experiences.



Barbara Lamb












Barbara Lamb Presents Are Human ET Hybrids in our Future? - DVD

As a licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypno-therapist and Regression Therapist, Barbara Lamb has conducted more than 1820 regressions to peoples encounters with unusual non-human beings. She has given dozens of lectures and conference presentations all over the U.S., England, Belgium and Canada. She has been a guest on numerous radio shows including Coast-to-Coast AM.

Barbara is the former Executive Vice President of the Association for Past Life Research And Therapies. She has been a trainer for the Professional Institute of Regression
Therapy, for APRT, for the Hypnosis Clearing House, and for her independently sponsored courses. She was a board member and presenter for the Center for Crop Circle Studies in Los Angeles, California.


From her 21 years of conducting hypnotic regression work and counseling with more than 750 people (in over 2000 regressions) who are convinced they have had encounters with Extraterrestrial Beings, Barbara will discuss her case studies which involve her clients having human/ET hybrid children. Illustrated with pictures of hybrid beings, she will describe the methods used to achieve hybridization, how long hybridization has been occurring, the reasons given by the ETs for creating hybrid offspring, and the success rate and failure rate in creating hybrids who could live successfully on earth. She will give examples of ETs genetically modifying human babies in their mothers’ wombs, resulting in exceptional children such as Star Kids, Indigo Children, and Crystal Children. She will mention alleged hybrid people who are already living on earth, some of whom she has met.

Barbara’s emphasis will be on the likelihood or not of hybrids living in large numbers on earth in the future, and why they would want to live here. She will speculate on the possible benefits and disadvantages of hybrids living among us, if indeed they are able to accomplish this. She is aiming this presentation at preparing us for becoming participating members in the galactic community of ET beings.


Extraterrestrial Sightings: Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters by Barbara Lamb ( 11 mins)


Barbara Lamb is a renowned researcher of the Crop Circle and Alien Abduction Phenomenon. She has extensive knowledge of numerous kinds of beings who are different than the typical gray aliens' we so often see described. These beings have an amazing variety of agendas for the humans with whom they interact. Barbara teaches about the reasons given by them for their actions with us: physical, psychological, mental and spiritual; helping us to make more sense of this perplexing phenomenon.


Barbara Lamb ETs and Hybrids ( 52 mins)


Barbara Lamb gives a detailed report on Hybrid ETs, and many other details. Shot at the IUFOC Phoenix. A Bases Educational Supplement with The AMMACH Project.

Features the Copiale Cipher  which is claimed by Jamers Casbolt to be dated 1740, and where the Bavarian Illuminati requested help from Reptilians in modifiactions to human beings, thus "A Charter to Abduct".

Barbara goes through various categories of ExtraDimensional/Terrestrial, and she has supplied several drawings toillutsrate these, and the Hybrids she has dealt with.

She stated a number were at the UFO Congress, where this was filmed.

Taped in the final seconds before having to catch the plane, with no time for re runs, and only one camera. Also no clip mike so appols for the noise from the highway near by..


Barbara Lamb: Unique Encounters with Extraterrestrial Beings  ( 10 mins)


Barbara Lamb discusses unusual extraterrestrial encounters from her nineteen years of hypnotically regressing nearly 620 people to the details of their real encounters with various kinds of beings from the cosmos.


Books by Barbara Lamb & Nadine Lalich:

" Alien Experiences " Book 1 & 2








Stanley Krippner



Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness -  by Stanley Krippner  - Foreword by) Thomas James Streicher


Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at Saybrook University and past president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. The recipient of several distinguished awards and author and coauthor of many books, including Demystifying Shamans and Their World, he lives in San Rafael, California.



Dolores Cannon


The 3 volumes of "Converstations With Nostradamus",


 - “The Legend of Starcrash",   

 - "Keepers of the Garden",  

 - "Legacy from the Stars",          

 - "A Soul Remembers Hiroshima",

 - "They Walked With Jesus", 

- “Jesus and the Essenes"

-  "Between Death and Life".      

-  "The Custodians",

 - “The Convoluted Universe"

Books One, Two and Three,




Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of "Lost Knowledge". Her roots in hypnosis go back to the 1960s. She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979.

Dolores has become, perhaps, the world's most unlikely expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus. A retired Navy wife from Huntsville, AR, USA, Dolores was nearly fifty years old when she began experimenting with hypnosis and past-life regression. The results were, to say the least, quite spectacular!
Working through several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet, Nostradamus. His revelations and their impact on our own time are both fascinating and at times frightening.
Dolores has been a UFO investigator for twenty years, using her skills as a regressionist to help people that had been involved in abduction cases. She has written several books on the UFO information volunteers have revealed while under hypnosis.


Dolores Cannon Home Page

Dolores Cannon How UFO and ET information has been obtained ( 9 mins)

Project Camelot: Dolores Cannon - She does regressions of UFO abductees…
Books: “The Keepers of the Garden ( The Custodians)” & “The Convoluted Universe” & ( Written a total of 15 Books)
She teaches Healing of Past Lives & Instant Healing Therapies all over the World 



Budd Hopkins



Book: Missing Time, by Budd Hopkins





UFO researcher - Budd Hopkins
Hopkins investigated the UFO abduction phenomenon, which led to the eventual publication of three books: Missing Time, 1981, Intruders, 1987, and Witnessed, 1996. ( He has passed away. - He was 80 years old. )
He was born in 1931 and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. In 1953, he moved to New York City. In 1964, Hopkins and two others witnessed a daytime UFO. The sighting led him to join the UFO research group, NICAP. After investigating cases involving “missing time”, Hopkins associated these gaps in memory with alien abduction.

Budd Hopkins is a world-renowned artist, author, and pioneer UFO researcher, who has investigated well over 700 cases. He now heads the Intruders Foundation. His books include Missing Time; Witnessed; Intruders The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods; Sight Unseen; and Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic beings. Among the topics of discussion was a reported missing time episode that involved an entire military base.
Bud Hopkins and Alien Abduction ( 8 mins)
Budd Hopkins, noted UFO investigator and author, is interviewed about UFOs, abductions, missing time, false and repressed memories, alien beings, and the purpose of the UFO phenomena.

Although this video is several years old, it reflects the current thinking of some about the UFO phenomena.
A short report on the subject of alien abduction and those affected by it.


Budd Hopkins Interview on Alien Abductions and other topics Part 1

 ( 31 mins)

Exclusive Open Minds interview with Budd Hopkins by Maurizio Baita from Italy. Recorded in 1997 in San Marino.


Budd Hopkins Interview on Alien Abductions and other topics Part 2  ( 30 mins)

( For more stories, also see “Unsolved Mysteries” The UFO Files” Vol 3
Unsolved UFO ALIEN abduction - Budd Hopkins ( 5:26 mins)



David Michael Jacobs – PH.D.






David Michael Jacobs – PH.D.
David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American history and culture. Dr. Jacobs began researching the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America in the mid 1960's, and has amassed over 35 years of primary research data and analytical hypotheses on the subject. Since 1973 Dr. Jacobs has continued to devote most of his professional and personal energies to researching the UFO phenomenon in general, and the abduction phenomenon in particular. Having conducted over 750 hypnotic regressions with over 125 abductees, Dr. Jacobs is one of the foremost UFO abduction researchers worldwide. As a result of his extensive primary research, he has developed the first scientific typology of the abduction experience.

iInternational Center for Abduction Research







Close Extraterrestrial Encounters; Positive Experiences With Mysterious Visitors  - Book by  Dr Richard Boylan

Dr Richard Boylan ( is a psychological counselor and consultant that specializes in investigating cases of extraterrestrial contact. He has personally investigated over a hundred of his own cases and studied hundreds of others. He presents a collection of personal accounts of contactees as well as summarizing his own findings in a book on that topic. In the book, he estimates that over a million people in the United States alone have had some form of contact experience. In the conclusion of his book Close Extraterrestrial Encounters; Positive Experiences With Mysterious Visitors he has this to say about the implications of that contact.

"We urge everyone to stop to consider just how the sure knowledge that ET beings are visiting us and communicating with us on a vast scale will affect your personal lives, your children's futures, government, society, religion and the earth itself.

How are we all affected by the knowledge we now have that many other races of intelligent beings inhabit multitudes of planets in other star systems, that they operate in a concerted effort in communication with each other, and that they are motivated by the gift of life and intelligence to go forth and spread and nurture the development of that intelligence and consciousness in other ecological zones on other planets, including our own?

The implication of ET contact for my personal future are several. My consciousness has been profoundly charged with a refreshing new perspective on the cosmos. We on earth are definitely not alone. There is an immense brotherhood and sisterhood of intelligent life out there. Furthermore, such life is, like us, curious and adventurous. It has compassion for fellow intelligent beings. As a result, intelligent beings elsewhere have explored and come upon planet Earth. They are more advanced technologically and in mental development, but they welcome us into the federation of interstellar societies - if we but lay down our guns and nuclear weapons, take better care of earth's children and the earth itself, and work harder at mental and spiritual development. Such a challenge is effortless for me to accept. Further, I feel energized to work on my fellow humans to rise up to this challenge. ,,,


Dr Richard Boylan (


Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation - Book


June 22, 2005
We heard about the Star Seeds back in the early 1980s. Then came the Star Adults, the generation produced from Star Visitors and humans interaction. Now, we have the Star Kids, those children born from Star Adults and who carry the DNA of those first Star Seed visitations. These Star Kids are extremely advanced and talented, but were unsure as to what to do with these abilities that many strove to keep secret. They knew they were different than other kids and consequently, tended to be loners. Now, with the help of Dr. Boylan, they are learning how to apply these talents and abilities and for the good of all. This book answers questions that people have been asking for years. It is meant to be read by both adults and young adults.


ET Visitors & Star Children - George Noory Radio Interview C to Coast

( 1 Hr. :14 mins)


Anthropologist specializing in Star Cultures, and certified clinical hypnotherapist, Dr. Richard Boylan shared updates on ET visitors and 'star children.' According to his information, a powerful ruling cabal plans to conduct a fake alien invasion, to divert attention away from their oppressive tactics. The recent UFO sighting in Jerusalem is an example of this, he added.

Humans were bio-engineered by ETs 275,000 years ago, and they continue to upgrade human genetics, with some 96% of grade school children being "star seeds" or "star children," he cited. There are some 1,483 separate alien races who have visited Earth, including two groups that reside here-- the Tall Whites in Nevada, and the Saami people who came from Barnard's star, and now live above the Arctic Circle, he claimed.


Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, University associate professor (emeritus), certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. Dr. Boylan is a consultant to Star Kids and Star Seeds seeking to understand their origin, identity and mission, so as to attain optimal awareness and clarity of identity, inner growth, spiritual development, and future path....



 Dr. Carla Turner ( RIP)




Mary Rodwell









Mary Rodwell - Australian

Mary RODWELL RN, Founder and Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. (ACERN) Born in the United Kingdom, migrated to Australia in 1991. Resides in Queensland Australia. - ACERN, offers professional counseling support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families who have anomalous paranormal experiences, particularly specializing in Abduction/contact experiences.
Mary Rodwell has visited the UK, and presented at the Glastonbury Symposium, Exopolitics and BUFORG, See their web sites for DVDs of her lectures - Mary established ACERN in Australia and has some of the most engaging case histories known in the subject. Her highly professional engaging talent is a major credit to the subject, and her ability to bring professional agencies into this highly sensitive area is a major credit to her integrity and professionalism. With two books, and a number audio CDs, and DVDs of her, Mary is a sought after speaker on the lecture and media circuits. She is also consulting to various broadcast media and broadcasters. She is visited the UK again, in the Leeds Exo-politics Conference in August 2010 .
Mary Rodwell  - The New Human ( 35 mins)
Here she gives an impassioned description of some of her cases, and the reality of humanity's wake up to a new paradigm. That is The New Human, the subject of her new book.
My Mum talks to aliens (Full Documentary) ( 56 mins)
ET therapy on TV – Australia - Article








AMMACH  - Anomalous Mind Management  Abductee Contactee Helpline -   


"Ammach Conference" London - UK


The AMMACH project provides this platform for the high level researcher,

















Ammach Conference Spring 2013 Ann Andrews (1 Hr.: 09 mins)


Ann Andrews, a mother and experiencer, describes life and her children's with such events.


Complex British Abduction Case - New Book



Jason, My Indigo Child:
Raising a Multidimensional Star Child in a Changing World


Abducted: True Story of Alien Abduction - Book by Ann Andrews








International  Institutions:


International Center for Abduction Research ( Link Broken?)









Xperiencers - Television Series


Xperiencers Project Website : 


In association with the John E. Mack Institute, Jim O’Connell’s X Marks the Spot Entertainment is developing Xperiencers, a reality television series featuring a team of experiencers researching current claims of alien encounters. The goal of the Xperiencers team is to discover additional evidence or corroborating stories that support the initial experience, so that we can assemble a more complete picture of each person’s encounters.


The Xperiencers concept is designed to accomplish several things. First, we hope to bring some peace and understanding to each individual involved in these extraordinary experiences. Next, we want to discover new clues to these mysterious events, because everyone want’s to see the bigger picture that holds the answers. Last, we truly desire to change the public’s perception of all people involved in alien contact. In a world where most people have become more politically-correct, it’s still okay to attack, criticize and humiliate those claiming contact with something beyond our current perception. All religions are based on believing in something beyond our current perception, and that process is called “faith.” Xperiencers will present information that should at least constitute “faith” in the idea that people are involved in alien contact and should be given the respect all human-beings are due when it comes to their “beliefs.”


Xperiencers -  - Video ( 6 mins)


Jim O’Connell’ - Founder of Alien Encounter Research Group - a team of Experiencers Researching the Truth...


A team of people involved in ongoing alien encounters will travel the country in search of answers to the extraterrestrial phenomenon.


Have you had an Alien Encounter?


Imagine if you will, a group of ordinary people selected for contact by extraterrestrials that have given them extraordinary abilities and then charged them with the task of seeking out others like themselves.













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Multi-Races Aliens ?




UFOs - Close Encounter










Close Encounter - Definitions:


In UFOlogy, a close encounter is an event in which a person witnesses an unidentified flying object. This terminology and the system of classification behind it was started by astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek, and was first suggested in his 1972 book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry. He introduced the first three kinds of encounters; more sub-types of close encounters were later added by others, but these additional categories are not universally accepted by UFO researchers, mainly because they depart from the scientific rigor that Hynek aimed to bring to ufology.


Sightings more than 500 feet (160 m) from the witness are classified as "Daylight Discs," "Nocturnal Lights," or "Radar/Visual Reports." Sightings within about 500 feet are sub-classified as various types of "close encounter." Hynek and others argued a claimed close encounter must occur within about 500 feet to greatly reduce or eliminate the possibility of misidentifying conventional aircraft or other known phenomena.


Hynek's scale achieved cachet with the general public when it informed elements of the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is named after the third level of the scale. Posters for the film recited the three levels of the scale, and Hynek himself makes a cameo appearance near the end of the film.


Close encounter of the First Kind 


A sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects:


 Flying saucers

 Odd lights

 Aerial objects that are not attributable to known human technology


Close encounter of the Second Kind 


An observation of a UFO, and associated physical effects from the UFO, including:


-          Heat or radiation

-          Damage to terrain

-          Crop circles

-          Human paralysis (Catalepsy)

-          Frightened animals

-          Interference with engines or TV or radio reception.

-          Lost time: a gap in one's memory associated with a UFO encounter.[5]


Close encounter of the Third Kind 


An observation of what Hynek termed "animate beings" observed in association with a UFO sighting.[6] Hynek deliberately chose the somewhat vague term "animate beings" to describe beings associated with UFOs without making any unfounded assumptions regarding the beings' origins or nature. Hynek did not necessarily regard these beings as "extraterrestrials" or "aliens." Additionally, Hynek further expressed discomfort with such reports, but felt a scientific obligation to include them, at the very least because they represented a sizable minority of claimed UFO encounters.


 - Bloecher Subtypes


The UFO researcher Ted Bloecher proposed six subtypes for the close encounters of the third kind in the Hynek's scale

  • ·         A: An entity is observed only inside the UFO

  • ·         B: An entity is observed inside and outside the UFO

  • ·         C: An entity is observed near to a UFO, but not going in or out.

  • ·         D: An entity is observed. No UFOs are seen by the observer, but UFO activity has been reported in the area at about the same time

  • ·         E: An entity is observed. But no UFOs are seen and no UFO activity has been reported in the area at that time

  • ·         F: No entity or UFOs are observed, but the subject experiences some kind of "intelligent communication"

Extensions of Hynek's scale: 

Close encounter of the Fourth Kind 


 A human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants. This type was not included in Hynek's original close encounters scale.


Jacques Vallee, Hynek's erstwhile associate, argued that a CE4 should be described as "cases when witnesses experienced a transformation of their sense of reality," so as to also include non-abduction cases where absurd, hallucinatory or dreamlike events are associated with UFO encounters.


Close encounter of the Fifth Kind 


Named by Steven M. Greer's CSETI group, these purported encounters are joint, bilateral contact events produced through the conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligence. This is very similar to some "contactees" of the 1950s who claimed regular communication with benevolent aliens.


The nature of this bilateral, deliberate communication between the intelligent source and the subject is generally claimed to be (but does not have to be) telepathic. The subject generally does not claim to be psychic. Contrary to popular belief, not all subjects in this category identify the source as being of extraterrestrial origin, but simply as otherworldly (or as being not of this world).


Close encounter of the Sixth Kind 


 On Michael Naisbitt's website, a sixth proposed CE scenario is described as UFO incidents that cause direct injury or death.[9] This category was not included in Hynek's scale, and is furthermore redundant: a CE2 in Hynek's scale specifically included UFO encounters that leave direct physical evidence of any kind.


Close encounter of the Seventh Kind 


 The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project proposes a Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind as mating between a human being and extraterrestrial that produces a human-alien hybridisation, usually called a Star Child. This concept similar to ideas promoted by ancient astronauts theorists like Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin and Robert K.G. Temple, in that extraterrestrials interacted with, perhaps interbred with and influenced ancient human beings in the past.


This concept of CE7 is at odds with Hynek's original concepts, however. Hynek's CE3 specifically avoided describing UFO occupants as "aliens" or "extraterrestrials", contending that there was not enough evidence to determine if beings associated with UFOs had an objective physical reality, let alone to confirm their origins or motives.


Close encounter of the Eighth Kind 


Just like Cash-Landrum Case a Close Encounter of the Eighth Kind is encountering Military-Government vehicle accompanying a UFO or following a UFO, or Attacking a UFO in this case witnesses are observing a skirmish between a UFO and a Military vehicle or vehicles, Military Vehicles escorting a UFO to its Destination or bring a UFO to a military base. If possible a witness may observe Possible contact with aliens and Secret Government people about something that may be beyond a normal Civilian can Know.



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