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Crop Circles - Unsolved Mysteries – The UFO Files – Vol 1
A crop circle is a sizable pattern created by the flattening of a crop such as wheat, barley, rye, maize, or rapeseed. Crop circles are also referred to as crop formations, because they are not always circular in shape. While the exact date crop circles began to appear is unknown, the documented cases have substantially increased from the 1970s to current times. Twenty-six countries reported approximately ten thousand crop circles in the last third of the 20th century. Ninety percent of those were located in southern England. Many of the formations appearing in that area are positioned near ancient monuments, such as Stonehenge. According to one study, nearly half of all circles found in the UK in 2003 were located within a 15 km (9.3 miles) radius of Avebury.
“That Crop Circles are 5th Dimensional Geometry”… by Alex Collier (video )
New Swirled Order ( 50 mins)

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then? Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop cirlces. Or is it an alien intelligence which try to communicate with us? The geometry which can be found in crop circles, inculed a lot of mathematics which can be also found in nature.

Our new documentary "New swirled order" deals with these questions and present some very extraordinary Crop circle formations in 2008, like the "Pi"-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor, which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.


Julia Set - Eyewitness






Crop Circles Quest for Truth - Theatrical Feature Film ( 1 Hr: 55 mins)

"There should be a Pulitzer Prize category specifically created so that filmmakes like Gazecki can be properly recognized." - Roger Ebert

"Original and objective, Filmaker William Gazecki is one of the finest documentaries of all time." - Sundance Institute-  Signs indicate that some form of non-human intelligence is communication with us ... What's the message?






UFO FIles - Season 1 Episode 5 - "Crop Circle Controversy"

 ( 41 mins)


A look at the phenomena of crop circles – from a 1678 woodcarving of "mowing devils" to the growing occurrences of present day formations both in complexity and number.






 Suzanne Taylor



Corp Circles - The Movie - "What on Earth?"


WHAT ON EARTH? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery


Join filmmaker Suzanne Taylor as she explores the mysterious crop circle phenomenon and engages with a visionary community of scientists, philosophers, mathematicians and educators from all over the world. The beauty and wonder of the award-winning “What On Earth?” will forever change the way you see the world around you. DVD includes the 81-minute film and an hour of extra features. 


TRAILER - What On Earth? Crop Circle Documentary  ( 3 mins) — "What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery" (2009) explores the phenomenon of crop circles as it relates to sacred geometry, UFOs, aliens, psychic phenomena, 2012 and more. Now on DVD...


What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery with Suzanne Taylor

 ( 45 mins)

The Truth Denied Talk Radio Show

GUEST: Suzanne Taylor
HOST : Roxy Lopez


"Suzanne Taylor, Producer/Director of What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery (, has been involved with films since she graduated Phi Beta Kappaand summa cum laude from NYU. Having been an actress (, she crossed over to the other side of the camera as the Executive Producer of the 2002 feature documentary, CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth. The new film, which was well-reviewed in The New York Times, won
the Award for Best Feature Documentary at the UFO Congress Film Festival, where the first film got the Audience Award. "What On Earth?" (the movie) also received the award for Excellence in Paranormal Filmmaking from the Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival, and it just had its TV premiere on CPT12, a Colorado PBS station. Suzanne is a crop circle authority on the Ancient Aliens television series on the History Channel. Recently she got a license to produce a TEDx West Hollywood event, and Doorways to Another Reality is in the planning stages. "







The Crop Circle Ship - Blueprints in the Fields Pt 1 of 4 ( mins)

There are blueprints for building a star ship inside (some of) the crop circles.







2012 New Crop Circle Show a DNA change ( 11 mins)




Win Keech -Crop Circle - Night Video Specialist & Researcher in UK >>??

He makes the Crop Circles/DNA Connection...






Explanation of 50 Crop Circles from Deep Space transmission ( 9:12 mins)

An explanation of why humanity may be one of 24 civilizations in the all universe. Few quotes from the book "The Only Planet of Choice" a transmission of Tom -the spokesman of The Council of Nine from deep space (through phyllis channeling). Documentary of crop circles explained and decoded. The best evidence of crop circles 2010.transmission it's channeling, it's the same 2012 we are going to be part of a transformation of the all world who will be divided into 12 parts........and it's not science fiction !
Explanation of crop circles3 reasons who are proof that crop circles are not made by people

1. They are made only at a deep night and in a short time less than a night that's for sure ( farmer' experience).
2. for be able to see those accurate geometric forms you have to take picture by helicopter...... to be not less than 300 meters height.
3. Scientists checked the ground under those crops and find there is a magnetic field on the land







Colin Andrews - Crop Circles - Part 1 of 2 ( 12:26 mins)

 Colin Andrews discusses Crop Circles with 500 international students, guests and teachers at a youth academy operated by the World Genesis Foundation under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Romania.
Colin Andrews - Crop Circles - Part 2 of 2 ( 14:18 mins)




















 "Dossiers OVNIS N.8: Les Crop Circles." - Video


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